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FC Bayern – dispute between legends Lothar Matthäus and Oliver Kahn escalates: “I know he’s lying”



FC Bayern – dispute between legends Lothar Matthäus and Oliver Kahn escalates: "I know he's lying"

Before the top game between FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund, FCB board boss Oliver Kahn had a heated argument with Lothar Matthäus. A little later, he raised serious allegations against his former teammates. FCB President Herbert Hainer and Julian Nagelsmann’s management also spoke up.

“One thing I would like to say: you who are always standing here and constantly saying about the club: ‘He had no style’ and ‘Where did that go to Mia san Mia?'” Kahn said before the top game skymicrophone and then addressed himself directly to Matthäus: “I would ask you, Lothar: What do you mean when you assume that there is no more ‘Mia san mia’? You always put that somewhere in the landscape and then everyone can choose what that means.”

Matthew then tried to calm the situation: “I’m not waging a private war against you here,” he replied to Kahn. “You can call me anytime. I didn’t say everything got worse. But it’s different.”

Bavaria’s board boss did not want to let the criticism sit on him. “These aren’t arguments. Maybe one or the other here suffers from memory distortions. There were always decisions that weren’t easy. There were consistent decisions that have to be made for the success of the club. That’s not always popular,” explained Kahn.

The process of dismissing Nagelsmann was “a catastrophe,” said Kahn, but he rejected the club’s complicity. “It certainly wasn’t from FC Bayern. It makes little sense to leak information like that somewhere. We’re not shooting ourselves in the foot.”

On Sunday morning, Kahn will also be on the show “Die Lage der Liga”. picture TV to express.

Commentary on the dismissal of Julian Nagelsmann: The biggest loser is Oliver Kahn

Lothar Matthäus attacks Oliver Kahn: “I know he’s lying”

“I know that Oliver Kahn is lying,” said Matthäus in the half-time break of the top game t-online. “Oliver Kahn just wants to distract from his problems and then he attacks me. But I was prepared for that,” said Matthäus. “I’m only saying what I hear, see and feel. The chronological sequence, as described by Kahn, does not fit together.”

He had defended the fact that he only informed Nagelsmann after the rumors of dismissal had arisen. “Of course, you don’t want to tell a coach over the phone that you’re leaving him. That’s not my style. And that’s not Bayern Munich’s style,” said Kahn. “It was a muddled and difficult situation. It was very important to me that Julian, who unfortunately was also on vacation at the time, came to Säbener Strasse. Then we spoke to him and gave him the reasons why we released him.”

Contrary to the reports, Thomas Tuchel would not have made a commitment before Nagelsmann was eliminated. “There was contact with Julian prior to any commitment. We wanted to speak to him beforehand.”

Matthäus saw it very differently: “Bavaria had long been clear with Tuchel. That’s why it was leaked from Italy. And if I can’t reach Julian Nagelsmann by phone on vacation, I’ll just drive to him in South Tyrol and talk to him there. I know a lot of people around FC Bayern that Oliver may not know. And I found out how it went.”

Hainer and Salihamidzic defend Kahn – Nagelsmann management disagrees

Bayern President Herbert Hainer was asked about the dispute between Kahn and Matthäus after the game in the catacombs of the Allianz Arena. “It’s always easy to criticize from the sidelines,” he said, also speaking of “difficult decisions.” But: “We lost ten points to Dortmund in two months. Not everything can be right.”

Sport director Hasan Salihamidzic said: “Oliver told absolutely the truth! I put my hand in the fire for that.” He himself tried several times to reach Nagelsmann and his management after Tuchel had promised FC Bayern: “These are facts that stand.”

On Saturday evening, the management of Nagelsmann, Sports 360, issued a statement. This contradicted the version of the Bayern management: “There was no contact and no attempt to contact Bayern. Julian Nagelsmann’s management called Hasan Salihamidzic even after the various rumors in the media.”