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FC Bayern Munich – comment: FCB must not sell Joshua Kimmich!



FC Bayern Munich - comment: FCB must not sell Joshua Kimmich!

Joshua Kimmich is apparently no longer considered unsaleable at Bayern Munich. A departure of the midfielder would be a fatal mistake in many ways. A comment.

There have been more rumors this summer that Joshua Kimmich is very popular with other clubs. That Kimmich would actually say goodbye to the German record champions – that seemed basically unthinkable. Until now?

Again table football reported on Monday, Bayern Munich would be willing to discuss a lucrative offer for Kimmich (contract until 2025). The actually untouchable Kimmich could also fall victim to the planned conversion of the central midfield of Munich.

After the summer kick in Rottach-Egern (27:0), which was disguised as a friendly, coach Thomas Tuchel spoke to Kimmich of “a big surprise”, but a “Basta” didn’t escape his lips. “I’m not going to start denying it because it doesn’t make any sense. Otherwise we’ll have to go through the whole squad list.”

A non-denial that fueled speculation. Even if Tuchel doesn’t really want to give up the midfielder – a clear word of power from the coach at this point would have made much more sense. Because: FC Bayern is not allowed to sell Kimmich! A central midfield without Leon Goretzka? Why not! Wings without Leroy Sané and Serge Gnabry: manageable! But FC Bayern Munich without Joshua Kimmich? This must not happen! Not this summer and hopefully not in the coming transfer periods either!

FC Bayern Munich: Joshua Kimmich in the criticism

The fact that Bayern are in a state of upheaval after the disappointing preseason is no longer a secret. In Raphaël Guerreiro, Konrad Laimer and Min-jae Kim, three newcomers have already made it to Säbener Straße. Kyle Walker and Harry Kane are set to follow.

And then there would be the open position in defensive midfield, which Declan Rice, who had switched to Arsenal, should have closed. The interaction between Kimmich and Goretzka was too vulnerable last season. The future of the latter is therefore also in the balance.

Kimmich, so internally and externally the tenor for a long time, should be secured by a “real” six in the future. In this role, he himself has recently been questioned – partly justifiably – his qualities in the offensive game outweigh. Now Kimmich should basically be up for debate.

FC Bayern Munich: Nobody can replace Joshua Kimmich

But who can fill the gap in the Bayern squad? Loud sports1 Aurélien Tchouaméni from Real Madrid is now a topic on the Isar. The 23-year-old made 50 appearances for Los Blancos after moving from AS Monaco for 80 million euros, but was absent from the most important games. The transfer of Jude Bellingham has not made the situation in the already lush midfield any easier. But on the contrary.

Tchouaméni is undoubtedly capable of playing the role of protection against defence. For this, however, some money would still have to be generated through player sales. However, replacing Kimmich with him would be negligent. But that has nothing to do with the Frenchman, nobody at Bayern could do that at the moment.

Kimmich is too important for the subscription master. Despite his weaknesses in terms of stability, he was again one of the top performers in Munich in the 2022/23 season. In the passing game and the duel, he even improved compared to the two years before. Add to that his qualities off the field.

Joshua Kimmich: FC Bayern would lose its figurehead

Hardly anyone else radiates as much ambition, will to win and work ethic as Kimmich. He also doesn’t shy away from stepping in front of the cameras and speaking plainly or practicing self-criticism. He has long been a figurehead of the club.

A few weeks ago, Kimmich’s importance within the club had also been underlined by the management level. After FC Barcelona’s publicly communicated interest, President Herbert Hainer emphasized that the future team should be built around him.

“Joshua Kimmich is an absolute fixed point for us, he is a leader, he is our third captain and has already won so many titles with us and will win many more titles with us in the future,” said Hainer, actually taking the wind out of the sails of any rumours.

FC Bayern Munich: There is a risk of losing one’s own values

The fact that Bavaria runs the risk of giving up a philosophy that has become indispensable also speaks against a separation. Namely to have as many German national players in his ranks as possible.

Should Kimmich go and the rumors about Goretzka come true, the starting eleven could almost only consist of international players in a few years.

Thomas Müller (33) is in the late autumn of his career, Manuel Neuer (37) may not be able to get back on his feet and Sané and Gnabry are anything but certain of a regular place. So only Jamal Musiala would remain.

A scenario that would be no less than a loss of one’s own values ​​- and a separation from Kimmich would get this ball rolling. It would simply send the wrong signal.

Joshua Kimmich: performance data at Bayern Munich

season Games (across all competitions) Gates assists
2015/16 36 0 2
2016/17 40 9 2
2017/18 47 6 17
2018/19 48 2 19
2019/20 51 7 18
2020/21 39 6 14
2021/22 39 3 12
2022/23 47 7 11