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FC Bayern Munich – Karl-Heinz Rummenigge tells Kahn anecdote: “I like the way you get excited”



FC Bayern Munich - Karl-Heinz Rummenigge tells Kahn anecdote: "I like the way you get excited"

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge told an anecdote about his successor Oliver Kahn at Bayern Munich. He also reported on the collaboration with Uli Hoeneß and praised coach Julian Nagelsmann.

“In my last season we had a game where Oliver and I sat next to each other. The game wasn’t particularly exciting, Oliver seemed almost bored to me. I looked at him and laughed, he asked, ‘Why are you laughing?’ I replied: ‘If you are responsible for everything here one day, you will be under high voltage at every game, Oliver’ “wrote Rummenigge in a personal review in the Sports picture.

At the end of the 2020/21 season Rummenigge resigned as chairman of the FCB and handed over his scepter to Kahn. “Some time later, on August 22nd, I was in the stadium for Bayern’s game against Cologne this season, a 2-0 turned into a 2-2, then Bayern led 3-2 again,” explained KHR. “A Bayern player lost the ball in midfield five or six minutes before the end, Oliver blurted out: ‘Hold the ball! Play for time, it’s almost over!’ I laughed at him again and said: ‘You see! What did I tell you a few months ago?

Rummenigge also wrote about his long-term business partner Uli Hoeneß, with whom he had a “completely relaxed relationship”. “We were double-bed partners as a player in a hotel room, then he was my manager. Our shared history is incredibly long, full of anecdotes,” reported Rummenigge.

Rummenigge on Nagelsmann: “Perfectly right”

Despite a few “brawls” over the years, he always valued the cooperation with the former FCB president. “As long as we were both responsible for FC Bayern, we had different perspectives on one or the other topic. But what I liked about it: always with an open visor! What is crucial: We were always only concerned with the well-being and woe of FC Bayern. We have done everything to ensure that the club is doing well, “he wrote.

With Rummenigge, Hansi Flick also left the club last summer, followed by Julian Nagelsmann as coach. Rummenigge is still completely convinced of this decision.

“Julian Nagelsmann is doing a great job, by the way: It was the right decision to take him on as Hansi’s successor. The team plays first-class football and is just as flawless in the Champions League as it is in the Bundesliga, where the 56 first round goals result in a new one Mark the record, “he enthused.

After 30 years at FC Bayern, Rummenigge is now enjoying his free time and has not yet made any concrete plans for the coming year. “I let everything come my way, with the necessary curiosity,” he said.