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FC Bayern Munich: Kingsley Coman confirms the idea of ​​a change



FC Bayern Munich: Kingsley Coman confirms the idea of ​​a change

Kingsley Coman has been speaking to the Daily Mail talked about his thoughts about leaving and named two leagues in which he would like to play in the future.

The Frenchman is fascinated by the Premier League and Spanish Primera Division, as he revealed: “These are definitely two leagues I would like to play in one day. Before we agreed, I really thought about it. I wanted something new try it, but in the end I talked to the club and we came to an agreement.”

Coman recently extended his contract in Munich until 2027, so farewell is off the table for now. The winger continued: “I didn’t talk about anything other than football and where we want to go together. For me it was the best option. I had the choice between England and Spain because I wanted to try something I could do I haven’t done it yet. So France and Italy weren’t really an option.”

The 26-year-old also spoke about his personal goals and ambitions with FC Bayern and the French national team. He wanted to “win the world championship because I [2018] missed”.

With Bayern he even wants to “win the Champions League more often” and further: “I just want to win more trophies as a team and maybe also as an individual player.” When asked if he meant the Ballon d’Or, the attacker replied: “Exactly, the Ballon d’Or. Because that’s where the best of the best win.”