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FC Bayern Munich – Thomas Tuchel pissed after bankruptcy against RB Leipzig: “We lost this game completely”



FC Bayern Munich – Thomas Tuchel pissed after bankruptcy against RB Leipzig: “We lost this game completely”

Coach Thomas Tuchel took his players to court after the defeat of FC Bayern Munich against RB Leipzig. One scene in particular excited him.

“At the moment I have no explanation as to how something like this can happen,” was Tuchel’s first assessment skyMicrophone after his team gave up a 1-0 half-time lead and ended up losing 3-1.

When asked again, Tuchel became louder and louder with a slightly broken voice: “It depends on the little things,” he said. The much-cited mentality is not the problem. Instead, it would have been missing in all other corners.

“You have to be brave when it matters. You have to be on the gap in the 4-2 build-up. If no one moves anymore, when no one goes on the gap anymore, when no one wants to get the ball anymore, then you give them away Balls away, then you’re under pressure, then you run after them. If your field is 60 meters wide, it looks okay. What RB plays is okay. It has everything to do with us,” explained Tuchel and added: “We lost that game completely! Our behavior, our responsibility makes it even worse. If we lose, I want to lose to a better team, to a better form on the day, but I don’t want to lose because a game just slips our hands slides. Because no one does what makes us strong as a team anymore, in the details. There is no reason for it.”

Thomas Tuchel makes the first goal angry

In particular, the first goal conceded to make it 1-1, which Konrad Laimer scored, enraged him. “We’re three against one after a corner. You can’t do a trick at 1-0. You can’t try to roll over an opponent. It’s about behavior,” said Tuchel loudly and denounced the behavior in this scene several times with the same choice of words.

When asked if a tactical foul would have been the best solution, he said: “Of course. You have to do what is necessary in this situation. In the situation, it is not necessary for us to duck our heads and try the next one to solve the situation in a playful way. That’s not necessary! You have to adapt your behavior. When you walk the streets in New York, you walk differently than when you walk the streets here in Bogenhausen. If you then walk without looking “You’re going to get run over. It’s the same road, it’s the same process. Adjustment, that’s what it takes.”

Thomas Tuchel “definitely not” watches the BVB game

The chance of winning the championship title has “of course” fallen in the long-distance duel with BVB, Tuchel admitted. “What can I say. It’s our fault, that’s clear.”

However, he will “definitely not” watch the game between Borussia Dortmund and FC Augsburg. “I wouldn’t have watched it either if we had won. I’ll watch this again – in the shuffle.”

Tuchel, who took over from Julian Nagelsmann at the end of March, also admitted that there was “a different idea” behind the change of coach. The coach and his team would not run away from the responsibility.

Thomas Müller also struck into this notch. “We built RB with our own mistakes, but we have to put up with the blow now.” He sees no reason to give up: “Dortmund have to win both games, I want to see that first.” He feels that “there is still something going on”.

CEO Oliver Kahn also criticized the Bayern players. You can find the statements here.