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FC Bayern – Thomas Müller: “Give me a whip with loving care”



FC Bayern - Thomas Müller: "Give me a whip with loving care"

Thomas Müller took part in the “1: 1 Talk” MagentaSport-Offer “FC live” talked about coach Julian Nagelsmann, the notorious Bayern gene and his goals. In addition, the 32-year-old put the term “Radio Müller” in the right light.

Thomas Müller (FC Bayern Munich) on …

… the “ease” associated with dealing with successes and performance: “What does lightness mean here ?! It doesn’t always feel so easy to me now. What I’ve always achieved is consistency – I’ve always been there. I was always ready. I was always ready for every game, me was always ready for every training session and of course in every situation. You try to be ready for what happens in every situation. Maybe someone falls down. Then you have to shoot him! “

the word creation “Radio Müller”, which Hermann Gerland invented for him: “The term Radio Müller is also a bit smug. It doesn’t exactly hit what is meant by communication on the pitch. Of course, it’s about commands, it’s about information. For me, it’s also about being in the game. When I’m there, when I talk a lot, then I’m awake too. Then I’ll be ready when the ball comes to me. That helps me too. Of course it should help the other players. Everyone needs now and then, I also need prompting. You then take your breaks that you don’t really want to give yourself. Because you think – maybe I don’t have to walk back with you now. And when you have someone who then lovingly gives you a whip, then you do the meters. “

… the goals for this season: “If you play a group stage in the Champions League like we did now, then you want to get into the final. You can also perform better, like we have already done. (…) We’re in good shape, No question. Personally, the statistics look good too. Nevertheless, sometimes I still have the feeling that we as a team and I personally, that we can actually do it a little better. That we leave a lot behind. Both offensively and as well also defensively. I think there is more, with all the superlatives that you can still put aside. (…) I still fluctuate so – don’t be so strict. But on the other hand: the claim has to be higher be for us as a troop! “

Thomas Müller: Bayern gene? “Stop me”

… the “Bayern gene”: “Bayern gene! Stop me. Do you know what the Bayern gene is? It’s easy to explain. The best players who come to Bayern and for a certain reason they have prevailed at other clubs. Because they on the one hand have talent, also talent in their head and because they have learned to assert themselves against resistance. And when this collection of players comes to FC Bayern, plays for us, then it is logical that this team is more resilient than the players who In other clubs this path has to be followed. That’s why there are more and more situations where people talk more and more about a Bayern gene. But actually it’s just that the best players play here. The best player doesn’t just mean that the one good one Has a shot and can run fast. The best player means that he has the entire package and that of course includes this bite and resilience. Actually relatively simple! “

… the position of the coach at FC Bayern: “The coach is the most important figure in the club. It doesn’t matter whether it’s going well or badly. A coach can change the team, can change the players. Can change himself. He is responsible for what happens on the pitch. Of course he has to.” Prescribe structures in order to pass the responsibility downwards. But he is also responsible for that. “

Thomas Müller: “Then you are on vacation from day one”

… Julian Nagelsmann: “For the first season, the first six months, without any teething problems. We had departures in the summer, we also had new arrivals. But departures who know the club inside out. So you can be satisfied with how things have gone so far . Julian is a person who first strives for success and also does something for it. And, accordingly, is not satisfied. And of course he also has the skill set you need as a coach. Analyzing opponents, preparing your own team accordingly, and he Of course he also has good players on hand. He’s a good person, he can get along well with us. That’s why it’s worked quite well so far. But even there – and they belong together – there is still room for improvement. I think for the first few months , it was already a very successful debut. “

… his “Christmas wish”: “I hope that we will win now. Then you will be on vacation from day one.”

… Werner Kern, the former youth manager of FC Bayern: “I still remember the first contract negotiations. There should still be sanding marks on the table that he pulled me over.”