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FC Bayern: Thomas Tuchel reveals “extra-emotional speech” to the team



FC Bayern Munich vs. Hertha BSC: Bundesliga today in the live ticker

After Bayern Munich’s 2-0 win over Hertha BSC, coach Thomas Tuchel revealed how he prepared his team for the game. However, the 49-year-old immediately regretted having talked outside the box.

“If you come in as the new coach in April, things won’t go smoothly. Otherwise the position wouldn’t even exist,” said Tuchel DAZN-microphone too. He doesn’t know whether he would describe himself as a “crisis manager”, “but of course you try to quickly develop a connection to the team and an idea of ​​how to help.”

There are various possibilities: “Sometimes it is a very emotional speech, sometimes no speech. […] At the moment I have the feeling that everyone wants it and has upped the ante this week.” Recently there was a lack of energy in the team, which is why he was particularly happy about how the team celebrated together after the goals.

“Sometimes they need a bit of fire, we already had that this week,” revealed Tuchel. “Today was quiet because I felt everyone was ready.” At the request of DAZNHowever, he did not want to reveal any details to presenter Laura Wontorra: “It wasn’t in training, everything was good in training, but there was an emotional speech, an extra-emotional one.”

And when was that? “I won’t say,” said Tuchel. “I’ve already regretted that I spoke about it.”

There was praise for Kingley Coman, the scorer for the 2-0: “Coman worked hard, he also had the runs. He was the only one in the first half who always pushed on the right side.”

A hidden message to Noussair Mazraoui? He had recently complained publicly about too little playing time, but could not recommend himself in the starting eleven against Hertha.