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Gladbach legend Berti Vogts distances himself from Borussia: “Terrifying”



Gladbach legend Berti Vogts distances himself from Borussia: "Terrifying"

Club legend Berti Vogts has distanced himself from Borussia Mönchengladbach. According to the 1974 world champion, dealing with well-deserved players is no longer acceptable.

“It occurs to me that I should have done some things differently in my career,” said the 74-year-old in an interview with the editorial cooperation G14plus and stated: “That I have remained loyal to a club for 14 years that now no longer wants to have much to do with its legends, which in my opinion is mainly due to the president. Terrifying for me.”

The former national coach has been buying season tickets for games at his former club for six years, for which he had played over 500 competitive games between 1965 and 1979 during his professional career.

Now the tablecloth is cut. “Otherwise I don’t want to have anything to do with the club. The exception is Rainer Bonhof, who is vice-president. I don’t talk to him about the club,” explained Vogts.

Even if Bonhof, with whom he has had a friendship since playing, should mediate between the parties, there is no longer any hope.

“The subject is settled for me,” said Vogts and added: “We had a great time: A village club became a top club. Today I’m annoyed that I didn’t listen to Franz Beckenbauer. He wanted to bring me to Munich and later to Cosmos New York. “

Nevertheless, the move in 1965 from his youth club VfR Büttgen to Gladbach was the “right decision” at the time.