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Goretzka promotes respect in dealing with referees



Goretzka promotes respect in dealing with referees

Leon Goretzka promotes more respect in dealing with referees. “I think we can all improve on that point: players, coaches, fans, even the media,” the Bayern Munich professional told the magazine 11friends.

Everyone involved should help the referees “make it more fun”, he added in view of the decreasing number of active referees in Germany.

Goretzka admitted that he himself “like many players still has room for improvement” in direct contact. In principle, however, the exchange has “become better”.

However, physical attacks occur again and again, especially in the amateur sector. “Anyone who loves football protects it. And that includes protecting the referee,” emphasized Goretzka: “Here we players – no matter what league – are required as a collective. Every demolition is one too many. And every attack, it doesn’t matter whether verbal or physical, to condemn.”

The 27-year-old made an appointment with the magazine to change sides for a self-experiment and to referee an amateur friendly game: “You provide the teams – and I’ll whistle.”