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Harry Kane? Marcus Rashford? That’s the only way FCB has a chance



Harry Kane

Bayern are still looking for a centre-forward. Could Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford be realistic subjects for FCB?

The subject of Harry Kane is really nothing new in the Bayern cosmos. The name Marcus Rashford, on the other hand, has only recently been read and heard more and more frequently when it comes to Bayern’s search for a striker.

Last week, a report by the sports picture both players addressed at the same time. Accordingly, Kane is Bayern’s top candidate. No other international striker would be a better fit, according to the bosses’ analysis. Rashford, on the other hand, inspired the Bayern leadership at the World Cup in Qatar.

In general, Rashford has come up trumps this season. For Manchester United he has already had a total of 32 goals. Of course, such an attacker is not cheap, especially not at 25 years of age. ManUnited just pulled the option to tie Rashford until 2024. Loud Express would you only think of giving up the English national striker for a transfer fee of 133 million euros.

Bayern candidates Kane and Rashford with contracts until 2024

Harry Kane has been tied to his current club for as long as Marcus Rashford. Kane’s contract with Tottenham Hotspur also runs until 2024. The Spurs should only be willing to negotiate if the sum is around 100 million euros.

For Rashford or Kane: It is doubtful whether Bayern will be able to dig so deep into their pockets for a striker next summer.

You just had to transfer eight million euros to Gladbach for Yann Sommer. An expense that was not planned at all. Plus some lavish monthly salaries for Manuel Neuer, who will only spend the time in rehab. And: João Cancelo was loaned out cheaply by Manchester City, but in the summer they will probably take the option to buy the Portuguese and then 70 million euros will be due. Maybe Hasan Salihamidzic can negotiate a small discount for coach Julian Nagelsmann’s dream player, but Cancelo won’t be that much cheaper.

So there won’t be much financial leeway for an absolute mega transfer in the summer. If Bayern still want to catch Rashord or Kane, they only have one chance: be patient. Wait until 2024. And try to get hold of one of the star strikers on a free transfer. Which would still be difficult enough!

Kane and Rashford are both recognized Premier League English internationals. Kane is even captain of the Three Lions. Many top Premier League clubs would be interested in a free transfer Kane or a free transfer Rashford. And for an English footballer, the Premier League is always the biggest thing, the childhood dream. But in the summer of 2024, if one of the two strikers should be free, Bayern could at least keep up with the competition financially. A stately top salary plus earnest money would probably be due, but the record champions could have that in their budget. It could also help that Bayern are probably facing an extension with sponsor Allianz. You could earn 130 million euros in the next ten years.

Title wins as a game changer? Bayern’s chances are good from a sporting point of view

If the financial matters were clarified, it would “only” be about making the move to the Isar personally palatable to Rashford or Kane. Sure, maybe both of them want to get to know a new country, a new culture. But above all, Bayern could lure with the prospect of titles. In particular, better chances of winning the Champions League than Manchester United and Tottenham. Especially with Kane, titles in the CV are still scarce.

But of course he could also win this with another team. Clubs like Real Madrid might also be interested. So signing Kane or Rashford in the summer of 2024 would be possible, but very difficult. In the summer of 2023, these deals are practically hopeless.