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Joachim Löw criticizes players and coaches in Germany



Joachim Löw criticizes players and coaches in Germany

Former national coach Joachim Löw has criticized the German professionals and his colleagues for their behavior on and off the field.

He sees “players in Germany who fall with every physical contact and don’t accept referee decisions, or coaches who are constantly with the fourth official. I don’t want that, I want respect for the sovereignty of the referee,” Löw said table football.

As a coach, you have to “pay attention to the game. Constantly pouncing on decisions – despite all the emotion – is definitely the wrong way and not the point of the game. The fans want to see fairness on the pitch and not this constant falling without fouling.” , emphasized the 62-year-old.

He is therefore “a friend of the Premier League when it comes to behavior on the pitch, not technology or tactics. Decisions made are accepted there. Play continues, there are few complaints, rarely pack formation, physical contact is not immediate this falling and hardly any players who provoke fouls for themselves.” He sees on the island, said Löw, “honest football, fast, hard but decent football. I always see the intention of the players that they stay on their feet.”

Löw is also concerned about the many coaching layoffs in the Bundesliga. “Basically you have to ask yourself whether the clubs treat the coaches so well and whether the club philosophy fits the type of coach. In business, you take a lot of time for personnel decisions. The many layoffs in football do not speak for the backbone of the clubs,” said he.