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Kathleen Krüger’s baby break to blame for the chaos?



Kathleen Krüger's baby break to blame for the chaos?

The drama about Bayern’s mistake in the 4-1 win in Freiburg continued on Sunday. Both in Sport1 double pass as well as at Sky90 several experts and participants commented on the facts and tried to classify it, which is still quite difficult.

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“The question is: Who made the mistake? Are the referees involved? Isn’t it just Bayern’s fault? First of all, the question of who made the mistake has to be clarified. The referee or Bayern,” said Lothar Matthäus Sky90 and immediately provided an all-too-human reason for Bayern’s error.

“It was Coman’s former number. The person responsible for keeping the number up hasn’t been there for the last few months. She was on maternity leave and has now come back. Maybe because she wasn’t in the rhythm after she was before did a good job for years. She probably held up Coman’s number, which she probably held up a year and a half ago. It was a human error that can happen, but it could also cost Bayern Munich three points,” said the record -National player about Bayern’s team manager Kathleen Krüger.

Matthäus would not like to see an objection from SC Freiburg, despite the mistake made by Bayern. “It would be nice if Freiburg stayed calm because everything that happened there didn’t affect the overall result.”

Freiburg’s Petersen: “It’s a strange thing”

DFB referee boss Lutz Michael Fröhlich took part in the Sport1 double pass Position on the exchange gate and referee Christian Dingert on duty. “It didn’t go well from the referee’s point of view, we have to talk about that. We have to discuss the reasons why something like this can happen. The referee, as the referee, is responsible.”

The only person involved and, as the joker king, probably also the highest authority when it comes to player changes, had a very clear view of the situation. “First and foremost, I’m an athlete and not a lawyer. In the end, there is a violation of the rules, I’m also curious how that will be evaluated. But no matter how it is decided in the end, 50 percent will probably find it wrong and 50 percent right,” said Nils Petersen.

“The main issue in the dressing room was not the defeat, but the question of what is actually going on now. One read that, the other this. It’s a big mess for us. I have no idea what’s going to happen now.”

And further: “When the referee interrupted the game, I also spoke to Niklas Süle. He was surprised that Coman had the ball, although he was supposed to be out. I was surprised too. I’m one of the most experienced substitutes in the game Liga and also know that I only go on the pitch when one is out. That’s a funny thing.”

Petersen himself was also torn. “I would like to take the three points for international competition. But I also know that we are a club that has never made much headlines, so I can live with the decision in the end either way.”