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Lars Stindl defends Max Eberl with clear words



Lars Stindl defends Max Eberl with clear words

Lars Stindl has clearly rejected the criticism of Max Eberl. RB Leipzig meanwhile is said to have been brushed off with a first offer at Borussia Mönchengladbach.

“That’s complete nonsense,” Stindl complained in the podcast “kicker meets DAZN” about the sometimes expressed lack of understanding that Eberl already wants to get back into the football business as a sports director.

“These are just people who have no idea about people. That’s the problem these days when it comes to social networks: that everyone is allowed to express their opinion without personal contact, without know-how, without knowledge,” he said Gladbach captain.

First and foremost, he is incredibly happy that Eberl is a topic for football again, emphasized the 34-year-old: “It means that he is doing well, that he has bridged a phase in his life that was not very easy.”

Stindl, on the other hand, can “understand to some extent that some people are bothered by the fact that Eberl would like to join Leipzig of all places. But basically criticizing the other and letting it flow in is the bottom drawer. That just doesn’t work”.

Leipzig probably fails with the first offer

Eberl’s entry is still a long time coming anyway. The reason: loud picture Gladbach demands a fee of five million euros for the 48-year-old. So far, however, the people of Leipzig have only offered a little more than half a million euros.

Eberl only extended his contract until 2026 shortly before his break in Gladbach.