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Mainz 05 vs. Schalke 04: “Scandal!” Bo Svensson rages



Mainz 05 vs. Schalke 04: "Scandal!"  Bo Svensson rages

Referee Matthias Jöllenbeck defended his penalty whistle in injury time for Schalke 04 in the game at FSV Mainz 05 (3:2). Mainz coach Bo Svensson is meanwhile pissed off.

“I didn’t see it in the game. Knowing how much is at stake here, I wanted to take the chance to watch it again for myself. Judging by the pictures, it was a clear and long hold, so I’m up penalty decided for Schalke,” said Jöllenbeck DAZN.

After the game, FSV coach Bo Svensson stormed back into the mixed zone from the dressing room. There he described the scene, gesticulating wildly in the direction of the journalists, as “impudence” and “scandal” and discussed loudly with Jöllenbeck a little later in the catacombs. At the press conference, Svensson spoke of an “exaggerated choice of words” on his part.

Substitute Anthony Caci had kept Schalke’s Marius Bülter on the jersey. The foul turned the penalty into the latest goal in Bundesliga history (90 + 12).

“Before that, Bülter holds our player. Why is it a foul when our player does it?” Asked the angry Svensson: “For a club that is in the relegation battle, it’s a bitter aftertaste. It’s a clear wrong decision .”

Ex-referee Manuel Graefe also rated the decision on Twitter as the “wrong penalty” and added: “First both hold ‘commercially’ within the normal range in the penalty area. But then Bülter first pulls Caci, who is in a better position, backwards (before position 1-2 meters to the left of the right post, then at the height of the post). Caci ‘returns’ with a pluck against Bülter, who is still standing when the plucking hold is over and then falls 2 meters forward(!) with theatrics (arms up). . In terms of rules, the first offense with two players is relevant and even more so one with impact.”

Referee Jöllenbeck criticized Mainz coach Svensson

Jöllenbeck, in turn, criticized that Svensson then “smeared a scene from the past on his bread”.

At that time he made “a big mistake” in a Mainz game in Augsburg,” said the referee: “I’m a bit disappointed because he unpacked things from two years ago.”

He wishes, he added ARD-Microphone that you can shake hands after the game, “regardless of how I have to decide”.

Bundesliga: Table before the Saturday games

Place team Sp. Gates differential pt.
1. Bayern Munich 30 81:33 48 62
2. Borussia Dortmund 30 67:40 27 61
3. Union Berlin 30 44:31 13 56
4. Freiburg 30 46:37 9 56
5. RB Leipzig 30 54:37 17 54
6. Bayer Leverkusen 31 54:43 11 48
7. Wolfsburg 30 54:37 17 46
8th. Mainz 05 31 51:46 5 45
9. Eintracht Frankfurt 30 50:46 4 43
10 Cologne 31 42:49 -7 38
11. Borussia M’gladbach 30 44:48 -4 36
12. Werder Bremen 30 48:58 -10 35
13. augsburg 30 39:55 -16 31
14 Schalke 04 31 31:59 -28 30
15 Hoffenheim 30 39:51 -12 29
16 Stuttgart 30 38:52 -14 28
17 Bochum 30 33:67 -34 28
18 Hertha BSC 30 35:61 -26 22