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Manipulation scandal will not be reopened



Manipulation scandal will not be reopened

Despite referee Felix Zwayer’s new statements regarding his involvement in the manipulation scandal involving his former colleague Robert Hoyzer, the DFB’s sports courts see no need for action.

“The case is legally closed. There is no reason for the sports courts to reopen the case,” said the sports court chairman Hans E. Lorenz SID: “There could only be a retrial if there were new evidence. But there can be no question of that.”

Zwayer had previously denied that he once accepted money from Hoyzer or anyone else to fix a game. “I was never offered any money, I was never overtly told of any game-fixing that was intended or carried out,” said the Berliner sky: “I have never received any money from Robert for any involvement in any manipulation of a game.”

Zwayer thus contradicts the documents surrounding the Hoyzer scandal in 2004. As a result, Zwayer accepted money from Hoyzer as an assistant. Later, Zwayer uncovered the scandal, and despite the suspension, manipulation was never proven.

However, Zwayer was not banned at the time for allegedly accepting the money at which his testimony against the Hoyzers stood. Zwayer received the penalty because he had not immediately disclosed his knowledge of Hoyzer’s manipulations.