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Martin Hinteregger starts at Eintracht Frankfurt after the end of his career



Martin Hinteregger starts again after the end of his career.

After the surprising end of his career, Martin Hinteregger is starting to take off in “normal” life. The Austrian has entered the catering industry and runs a helicopter company.

Just one day after the decision to hang up the soccer shoes, the 29-year-old opened the Gasthaus Adler with TV presenter Marcel Wagner and restaurateur Sebastian Fink in Kronberg, around 20 kilometers from Frankfurt.

“Everyone knows that this has become my second home, that I am very rooted here and will always come back to Frankfurt,” said Hinteregger at the opening: “I grew up at home in the inn because my mother was a waitress. I wanted something like that do it at some point. The idea came up when I was 20. A year and a half ago, the idea came up to do it here. I feel so comfortable here.”

Hinteregger explained that he wanted to show up at Gasthaus Adler every two weeks. He will also regularly watch Eintracht games in the stadium.
For the Carinthian it is already the second business outside of football. For a long time he has been running the company TMH together with the former Austrian ski jumper Thomas Morgenstern, which offers, among other things, helicopter sightseeing flights.

“We’ve already got a lot going. It’s going better than expected. Now I have the time and the strength to put 1000 percent into it and really get involved,” said Hinteregger sports1.

Hinteregger will play for Sirnitz in the future

The 67-time Austrian national player also wants to stay on the ball in sporting terms. “Hinti” will appear in the fifth Carinthian league for his youth club SGA Sirnitz.

His father Franz works as a youth leader at Sirnitz. “We are happy that he is returning home after 17 years,” said Papa Franz Crown: “Martin is happy that peace is returning.”

Hinteregger came to Frankfurt from FC Augsburg in 2019, where his contract, which was actually valid until 2024, has now been suspended. Most recently, Hinteregger was criticized for business relationships with the FPÖ politician Heinrich Sickl with connections to the right-wing extremist scene.