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New kit apparently leaked in FIFA 23 trailer



New kit apparently leaked in FIFA 23 trailer



BVB has just presented its new away jersey, reason for us to ask: Which BVB away jersey do you like best in this millennium? Now come the candidates, at the end you can click on to vote and vote!


BVB away shirt for the 2000/01 season: the gray mouse of the league? After all, it was enough for third place in the end! Pajamas or noble foreign clothing – what do you say?



BVB away jersey for the 2001/02 season: Not much design can be seen on this example. But maybe that’s exactly what this jersey is all about.



BVB away jersey for the 2003/04 season: Simple jerseys are quite popular. But what about this one?


BVB away shirt for the 2004/05 season: The famous Nike design from the 2004 European Championships, plus a dark gray color – even the BVB players can’t shut their mouths anymore. Your opinion?


BVB away shirt for the 2005/06 season: Not quite as wild as this hairstyle, but definitely something new. Are you pro middle beam or rather contra?



BVB away shirt for the 2007/08 season: Shortly thereafter, Dortmund again had special ideas in their heads. Do you see more red in this shirt or do you raise your thumb?


BVB away jersey for the 2008/09 season: A year later, they wanted to go back to the previous version. But what could be adjusted? Hm. Oh come on, we’ll make a diagonal bar out of the middle one. Fancy or rather strange?


BVB away shirt for the 2009/10 season: Opinions could differ here. Is it art or can it go away?


BVB away jersey for the 2010/11 season: Kappa was also able to make more minimalist jerseys. What is this black jersey doing to you?



BVB away shirt for the 2011/12 season: One year wild, one year minimalist and then… both? With the color gradient, things went more than well in sporting terms. Whether that was due to the optics, you decide!


BVB away shirt for the 2012/13 season: the next evolution from the center strip. Just press it in the top right corner this time. Too little yellow or just right?



BVB away shirt for the 2013/14 season: Yellow sleeves, black basic color – would you complain to Puma about that thing or will the shirt make it into your top list?



BVB away jersey for the 2014/15 season: BVB knows a thing or two about stringers. This time in a very subtle variant. A case for the catwalk or for the rest ramp?



BVB away shirt for the 2015/16 season: Not a fan of dark tones? Neither was BVB in 2015 and presented a white jersey. Let’s see where you choose this heart melter.



BVB away shirt for the 2016/17 season: Horizontal stripes add bulk, say some. Horizontal stripes are the key detail, others say. Let’s see which camp is dominant for you.



BVB away shirt for the 2017/18 season: Actually, we should have gone through all kinds of designs by now. The 2017 kit clearly denies that. You don’t see dots as a sleeve design that often either.



BVB away shirt for the 2018/19 season: Did someone just want brush strokes up to the sponsor or does it have to be like that? You decide.



BVB away jersey for the 2019/20 season: Creativity apparently knows no bounds when it comes to BVB away jerseys. What are we going to do with this piece of gold…uh, silver?


BVB away shirt for the 2020/21 season: Retro versions are actually always popular. We’re excited to see where this black jersey with the historic shade of yellow on the sleeves ends up.


BVB away shirt for the 2021/22 season: It doesn’t get any more boring. Many small diagonal stripes work together as if they were vertical stripes. Absolute magic or too much of a good thing?



BVB away shirt for the 2022/23 season: And then we have the newcomer, who actually manages to go one step further despite the variety. We look forward to your votes.


So now you are spoiled for choice! Follow this link and vote for your favourite! We’ll collect votes until Wednesday night, and the resolution will be announced on Thursday.