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Robert Lewandowski talks about Gerd Müller’s “advantage”



Krassimir Balakov could have imagined a move to Bayern.

Robert Lewandowski explained in which area Gerd Müller had an “advantage” over him. Fredi Bobic and Krassimir Balakov were ensnared by FC Bayern. For Hansi Flick the departure from Munich was “sad” and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge tells an anecdote by Oliver Kahn. The news and rumors about FC Bayern Munich.

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FC Bayern – Lewandowski: Gerd Müller had “an advantage” here

Robert Lewandowski spoke about the comparison with Gerd Müller and explained in which area the nation’s bomber had an “advantage” over him. In addition, he spoke with a little distance about the Ballon d’Or award.

“I’m a different type of player than Gerd Müller. I’m taller, Gerd was much more muscular on the legs: one thigh was the size of two thighs for me,” said Lewandowski in an interview with the Sports picture.

It was this speed in the legs that Müller had ahead of Lewy. “Gerd had an advantage in the ‘underground car park’, so far down, in the ground duels. When it came to speed and reactions on the ground, he was always a tad faster than his opponents. In the penalty area, he always had the nose of his opponents ahead: left, right, with my chest, with my stomach. My style of play – the movements and paths I run – are different, “explains the Pole.

What connects the two, however, is their nose for goal. “We both know and knew that the ball has to go over the goal line. It doesn’t matter how. A goal is a goal,” said Lewandowski.

Lewandowski on Ballon d’Or: “Naturally sad”

In addition, the FCB striker spoke again about the Ballon d’Or award. “Despite my second place in this election, I’m very proud of our team and my achievements. In retrospect, I think to myself: It was a duel between Messi and me that the whole world looked at. With this fantastic player for the title of the best To compete for footballers in the world is a great honor. “

He also admitted that the wounds had not yet completely healed: “On the other hand, I was of course sad, I can say that openly: If you are so close to this award and the 2020 award – that is, in the year in which we won all titles! – it was canceled, it hurts. I was so close and yet far away. I can say to myself: I’ve tried everything, gave everything in my power – and with I live very well with this feeling. “

He was particularly touched by the words of Lionel Messi, who said that Lewy deserved the award for 2020. “It was really a great evening. The words Leo Messi said on stage in my direction touched me. They weren’t empty words, it was a great moment in my career,” he said.

FC Bayern: Balakov and Bobic on offers from Munich

In the mid-1990s, Krassimir Balakov formed the “Magic Triangle” at VfB Stuttgart together with Giovanne Elber and Fredi Bobic. When he moved to FC Bayern in 1997, Elber broke up the trio, but his colleague Balakov also spoke to those responsible about moving to Munich.

“After a game between Stuttgart and Bayern we all sat at the table. I had a clause in the contract: 70 million marks fixed transfer fee! That was unbelievable for the time. I said very quietly to then President Franz Beckenbauer that I had an exit clause would have: ‘Over 70 million’ His wife was sitting at the table and said: ‘Mr Balakov, that’s not a problem! FC Bayern can pay 17 million!’ They didn’t quite understand me, “he recalled in a conversation with Bobic and Elber in the Sports picture.

According to his own statements, he could well have imagined moving to Munich, but the prerequisites were simply not right. “I could have gone to Barcelona too. But: I’m happy with my career,” he said.

FC Bayern had also asked Fredi Bobic, but his roots did not allow him to change. “There was once a call. But it was almost childish for me: I’m a Stuttgart boy! I can’t go to Bayern. That’s why it was done quickly. I was a bit stubborn,” said Bobic.

FC Bayern: Flick talks about “sad” FCB farewell

Hansi Flick spoke about his departure from FC Bayern and said that this step was sad for him.

“Farewell to FC Bayern was a little sad. I got a great chance there, for which I am very grateful. We played challenging and attractive football and had one of the most successful times in the club’s history. That is also what ultimately depends stays, “said Flick in conversation with the Sports picture when asked what his saddest moment of the year was.

He was particularly affected by the fact that part of the successful team broke up with him. “Important players have left the club: Thiago, whom I appreciate very much as a person and a footballer, Jerome Boateng and David Alaba, who has made an enormous leap as a leader over the last two years. Not to forget Javi Martínez, with him there was also a valuable one This team had a special character: They were always ready to deliver, to be there when it really matters, when such players, but also a club icon like Hermann Gerland, who is still Bayern through and through, the club leave me, that doesn’t leave me indifferent, “said today’s national coach.

FC Bayern: Rummenigge tells Kahn anecdote

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge gave a personal review in the Sports picture tells an anecdote about his successor Oliver Kahn.

“In my last season we had a game where Oliver and I sat next to each other. The game wasn’t particularly exciting, Oliver looked almost bored to me. I looked at him and laughed, he asked,” Why are you laughing? “I replied : “If you are responsible for everything here one day, you will be under high voltage for every game, Oliver,” wrote Rummenigge.

At the end of the season, Rummenigge handed over his position as chairman of the FCB to Kahn. “Some time later, on August 22nd, I was in the stadium for Bayern’s game against Cologne this season, a 2-0 turned into a 2-2, then Bayern led 3-2 again. A Bayern player lost five or six Minutes before the end of the ball in midfield, Oliver drove out: “Hold the ball! Play for time, it’ll be over soon! “I smiled at him again and said:” You see! What did I tell you a few months ago? I like the way you get excited now, the way you are fevering, “he said.

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FC Bayern Munich: The upcoming games

meeting contest opponent
Friday, January 7th, 8.30 p.m. Bundesliga Borussia Mönchengladbach (home)
Saturday, January 15th, 3:30 p.m. Bundesliga 1. FC Köln (away)
Sunday, January 23rd, 5.30 p.m. Bundesliga Hertha BSC (Away)
Saturday, February 5th, 6.30 p.m. Bundesliga RB Leipzig (home)
Saturday, February 12th, 3:30 p.m. Bundesliga VfL Bochum (Away)