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SC Freiburg – Christian Streich self-critical after being sent off in bankruptcy against BVB: “My stupidity”



SC Freiburg – Christian Streich self-critical after being sent off in bankruptcy against BVB: “My stupidity”

Coach Christian Streich from SC Freiburg was self-critical after being sent off in the game at Borussia Dortmund.

“What annoys me the most is that the referee was able to justifiably send me off. That was my stupidity. Of course that doesn’t help the team,” said Streich after his Freiburg team lost 5-1 at BVB.

The Freiburg coach was expelled from the interior in the 77th minute for complaining by referee Robert Schröder. The occasion was a duel in midfield. “Höfler comes from the side and plays the ball away very cleanly and there’s another whistle against us,” said Streich, describing the situation. “I ran away, I was very angry and I said he should put on a yellow shirt. The fourth official heard that. That was too much for him. That’s understandable. I should have turned away and it went the other way should say.”

Streich initially saw yellow, after which he once said he clapped his hands “in the mood”. “At that moment I knew what I was doing, but I couldn’t control it beforehand because of course I was so angry,” said Streich. “I’m extremely annoyed with myself and maybe a little more than with the disproportionality with which the game was managed today.”

Streich was also referring to the early yellow-red card against Kiliann Sildillia (17th). “A few seconds before Kiliann sees the yellow card, there is a scene between Daniel-Kofi Kyereh and Niklas Süle, who extends his arm and hits him in the neck. The referee lets the scene continue, the ball comes to the other side and Kiliann actually does the same thing. And then there’s yellow for that. That’s not the proportionality you want, especially when you play in Dortmund in front of 80,000,” said Streich.

Schröder himself also commented on the incident: “The threshold between emotions and unsportsmanlike behavior has simply been crossed. We accept emotions, but if it ends in unsportsmanlike behavior, then we have to take the consequences.”