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Schalke vs. VfB Stuttgart: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker



Striker Michael Frey has not yet scored a Bundesliga goal for Schalke 04: Will the knot burst against VfB Stuttgart?

Pure relegation battle! Schalke 04 welcomes VfB Stuttgart. You can watch the duel on matchday 22 in the Bundesliga here in the live ticker from SPOX pursue.

Schalke 04 vs. VfB Stuttgart – 2:0


1: 0 Drexler (10th), 2: 0 Bülter (40th)

lineup Schalke 04

Ferryman – Aydin, Yoshida, Jenz, Matriciani – Krauss, Kral, Zalazar, Drexler, Bülter – Mi. Frey

Line-up VfB Stuttgart

Bredlow – Anton, Mavropanos, Ito, Sosa – Karazor, W. Endo, Haraguchi, Gil Dias, Führich – Silas

yellow cards


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Schalke vs. VfB Stuttgart: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – 2:0

40.: Tooor for Schalke 04!

36th: Zalazar with the opportunity! Bülter is not attacked on the left, Sosa completely misjudges his cross in the center. Behind him, Zalazar immediately takes a volley, but the attempt here is too unplaced. Bredlow blocks.

34th: Now VfB again, the game is picking up speed. Führich moves from the left to the middle and returns to Endo, who chases the ball from 20 meters into the stands.

32nd: The following corner lands at Krauss 22 meters in front of the goal in a half-right position. The midfielder pulls away immediately, but shoots right into Bredlow’s arms.

31st: Shoot a free kick directly from almost 30 meters? Why not? Zalazar tries it, his half-height bounce is let through by the wall, but Bredlow is there in time in the right corner and grabs.

29th: Frey claims a long pass from Ferryman and serves Aydin on the right. He crosses halfway up into the penalty area, where Drexler is just blocked by Ito.

26th: Endo! Sosa has plenty of space on the left, but his cross misses the mark and ends up at Gil Dias on the other side instead. His flank is much better, Endo heads the ferryman in the arms from ten meters.

24th: It remains a game with few chances, Schalke have only had one shot on goal so far – and it was in. Since then, Schalke has not gone on the offensive with any determination.

21st: Contrary to the visual impressions, Stuttgart wins 61 percent of the duels here. This is probably because Schalke takes a bigger risk and loses a lot of balls, especially on the offensive. So does Zalazar, who cannot flank from the right.

19th: Gil Dias with a good action. The attacker enters the penalty area from the right and leaves Matriciani standing. In the end, he couldn’t get past Jenz with his cross.

18th: Stuttgart is slowly waking up, even if there are still numerous mistakes in the game structure. A first corner by Sosa from the left fizzles out.

15th: Führich must make more of it here! Jenz is passed by the ferryman in front of the penalty area and immediately loses the ball to Silas. Führich gets the ball and tries it directly from 17 meters – clearly over it. Playing it to Silas or Gil Dias would have been the better option.

12th: Stuttgart is looking for a quick answer and has the penalty call on the lips. Führich shoots Aydin’s hand from the left of the penalty area, but that’s nowhere near worth a penalty. Go on.

Schalke vs. VfB Stuttgart: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – Goal Schalke 04

10th: Gooooo! FC SCHALKE 04 – VfB Stuttgart 1:0. Royal Blue is still alive and scores for the first time in four goalless games! A long pass of ferryman is extended on the left from Matriciani to Frey. The center forward runs down the side and finally crosses sharply into the penalty area. Frey is missing there, but Drexler is there and hits the bar with a powerful head from six meters. Schalke leadership!

9th: Stuttgart has also not yet made any offensive representations. The Swabians still have problems adjusting to Schalke’s aggressiveness.

6th: There are already some parallels to the last Schalke games: S04 is particularly alert in the duels, has been very good defensively so far, but shows blatant deficiencies on the offensive. We haven’t seen chances to score like that today.

3rd: Schalke is there immediately and forces VfB to lose possession in their own half. As is so often the case, the switching game is not right for the royal blues, Bredlow is on the ball in front of Drexler in this scene.

1.: The ball rolls!

Schalke vs. VfB Stuttgart: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – kick-off

Before start: Last but not least, we take a look at the team of referees, which today is led by Deniz Aytekin. His assistants on the sidelines are Christian Dietz and Eduard Beitinger, Robert Schröder is the fourth official. Sven Jablonski and Holger Henschel are sitting in the basement in Cologne.

Before start: Both teams were unhappy after the first leg: Stuttgart led through a goal by Führich, but Schalke quickly equalized through Terodde. In the second round, Vagnoman saw yellow-red, but the Knappen could not take advantage of the superiority. It stayed at 1:1. There were similar results (1:1 and 0:0) in the last two home games against VfB, the last home win came in September 2017 (3:1).

Before start: VfB are under a little less pressure after their first win under coach Labbadia last weekend. Stuttgart had already shown appealing performances before, in Leipzig and Freiburg they each suffered a narrow 2-1 defeat. With the 3-0 win against Cologne, VfB is currently above the line, with a three-pointer the lead could be increased to three points.

Before start: However, coach Reis sees the fact that Schalke is under pressure as positive: “The pressure we are under now we have worked up again in the last four games,” said Reis. “You have to have the pressure to be awake and to get your performance.” The knot must finally burst, especially at the front. With only 14 goals scored, Schalke is by far the weakest offensive (Bochum has 24 goals).

Before start: For the first time in the history of the Bundesliga, a team has gone 0-0 four times in a row. Schalke haven’t really helped in the table yet. The gap to the saving shore and also to the relegation place is six points, even after today’s results, a win will sooner or later be essential.

Before start: Bruno Labbadia has no injury worries and after the 3-0 win against Cologne there are no reasons to change anything. The winning eleven from the redeeming home win may appear again.

  • Bredlow – Anton, Mavropanos, Ito, Sosa – Karazor, W. Endo, Haraguchi, Gil Dias, Führich – Silas

Before start: Coach Thomas Reis would certainly have liked to field the team that scored a point at Union Berlin last week. However, the full-backs Cedric Brunner (broken nose) and Jere Uronen (muscle problems) are out. They are replaced by Mehmet Aydin and Henning Matriciani.

  • Ferryman – Aydin, Yoshida, Jenz, Matriciani – Krauss, Kral, Zalazar, Drexler, Bülter – Mi. Frey

Before start: After four games without conceding a goal, but also without a goal of their own, Schalke 04 want to maintain their defensive stability, but pack a pound on the offensive. The Royal Blues are hoping for a home win against VfB Stuttgart, who are currently in 14th place in the table.

Before start: The duel between the two traditional teams takes place as a top game on Saturday evening at 6.30 p.m.

Before start: Welcome to the live ticker of the game Schalke vs. VfB Stuttgart.

Schalke vs. VfB Stuttgart: Bundesliga today on TV and live stream

Since the game takes place on a Saturday, sky all broadcasting rights and shows the game on the pay TV channel sky sports 1. There are also two options to watch the match Schalke 04 vs. VfB Stuttgart in the live stream. Either you have valid access to sky gowhich you can use, or you can try the new streaming platform WOW.

Schalke vs. VfB Stuttgart: Bundesliga today in the live ticker – official line-ups

  • Schalke: Ferryman – Aydin, Yoshida, Jenz, Matriciani – Krauss, Kral, Zalazar, Drexler, Bülter – Mi. Frey
  • VfB Stuttgart: Bredlow – Anton, Mavropanos, Ito, Sosa – Karazor, W. Endo, Haraguchi, Gil Dias, Führich – Silas

Bundesliga: The table before the 22nd matchday

rank team games difference Points
1 Bayern Munich 21 40 43
2 Borussia Dortmund 21 17 43
3 1.FC Union Berlin 21 11 43
4 Sc freiburg 21 3 40
5 RB Leipzig 21 17 39
6 Eintracht Frankfurt 21 13 38
7 VfL Wolfsburg 21 9 30
8th Bor. Moenchengladbach 21 3 29
9 1.FSV Mainz 05 21 -1 29
10 Bayer Leverkusen 21 0 27
11 Werder Bremen 21 -10 27
12 1. FC Cologne 21 -2 26
13 FC Augsburg 21 -10 24
14 VfB Stuttgart 21 -10 19
15 1899 Hoffenheim 21 -11 19
16 VfL Bochum 21 -27 19
17 Hertha BSC 21 -15 17
18 FC Schalke 04 21 -27 13