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Stefan Effenberg tackles Max Kruse: “It wasn’t smart”



Stefan Effenberg tackles Max Kruse: "It wasn't smart"

Stefan Effenberg has criticized Max Kruse for his statements about some of the fans of VfL Bochum. “It wasn’t smart,” said “Effe” in a one-two at Sport1.

“If I were his dad, I would have advised against it. He got married beforehand, so he can smile away. I don’t think it’s good to say that on social networks,” said the 53-year-old.

After Union Berlin’s 1-0 win at VfL Bochum on Saturday, Kruse complained with hearty words about the behavior of some of the VfL fans. The striker said he had “rarely seen such anti-social fans” WDR2.

He later followed up with an Instagram video: “Bochum has always been a sympathetic club and I know that 80 to 90 percent of the fans are sympathetic. But today was another day when all Ruhrpott assistants gathered in Bochum to have.”

Kruse scored the winning goal for the capital city in the 16th minute. During the game, the Union players were thrown from the stands with beer mugs several times. Union coach Urs Fischer was also involved in heated discussions with the fans.

VfL reacted calmly to Kruse’s statements on Twitter: “Not the result with which we wanted to say goodbye to this Bundesliga year. Nevertheless, proud of the last few months. Relaxed and peaceful Saturday out there. Also all Ruhrpott Assis.”