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VfB Stuttgart writes losses



VfB Stuttgart writes losses

VfB Stuttgart writes slight losses due to Corona. In the balance sheet for the 2021 financial year presented at the general meeting on Sunday, the VfB Group reported a minus of 1.2 million euros after taxes.

The loss in sales since the beginning of the pandemic up to the balance sheet date in June 2022 is 89 million, equity fell slightly to 22.2 million euros.

“The numbers are still relatively good compared to other traditional clubs – and that’s because we’ve done a really good job at all levels,” said CEO Alexander Wehrle. But he predicted: “We will have to carry the loss of income from the past two seasons with us in the next two or three years – and have to pay it off.”

Nevertheless, the Swabians do not see themselves forced to sell players for this reason. However, they continue to plan to bring additional investors (in addition to Mercedes-Benz and Jako) on board. According to the media, an extension of the contract with the main sponsor (Mercedes), which expires at the end of the season, is far from certain.