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‘Why did it take so long?’ “



'Why did it take so long?' "

Seven loans, Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool’s work ethic and a special jersey: Union striker Taiwo Awoniyi reports on highlights of his career in an interview with SPOX and GOAL.

14 goals in 25 competitive games: Taiwo Awoniyi has apparently finally arrived this season.

The Union Berlin attacker, who moved permanently from Liverpool to the Iron in the summer, has been awarded a total of seven times since joining the Reds in 2015. Awoniyi never played a game for Liverpool.

In conversation with and SPOX and GOAL, the 24-year-old reports on Jürgen Klopp’s first comment and characteristics that distinguish the Reds from other teams.

Awoniyi also reveals what promise he made to his family, whose jersey holds a special place with him and in which table region he sees Union.

Taiwo Awoniyi on …

… his form and his time at Union Berlin: “Hopefully it will continue like this. It’s nice to look at the top scorer list and see all the names I’m up there with [mit neun Toren Fünfter hinter Lewandowski, Schick, Haaland und Modeste, Anm. d. Red.]. Union is a family-run club that suits me with the stadium and the atmosphere. The fans, those responsible – everyone is always there for one another. That’s incredible. I like to be where I feel welcome. I don’t like feeling like a stranger. “

… the daily work in the club: “When I see us as a team and the work that the coaching team does, I have to say very clearly that this team is among the top six in the Bundesliga. I am convinced of that. Many people will not believe that because they are small ones See club. “

… his farewell to Liverpool: “I told my family last season that the Union loan would be my last, so it was up to Liverpool to either keep me or let me go. I knew the chances of playing for Liverpool were pretty slim. Me didn’t know what to expect, but I didn’t want to be awarded again. “

… the training at the LFC: “It was great. You learn every day, both on and off the pitch. Cohesion is the key to me in Liverpool. The way the players organize is really great. You don’t find anyone who doesn’t work hard. To be on this one To play at a level you have to be ready every day. All the players bring that with them, even the youngsters. I’ve been to a lot of clubs and I’ve seen a lot of players, but this mentality and atmosphere is what sets Liverpool apart from them. In some places there are several groups that do different things. In Liverpool you only see one group moving in the same rhythm. “

… his first meeting with Klopp: “He said, ‘Why did it take so long?’ To be honest, I always thought of working with him one day. Even when I was loaned out to FSV Frankfurt in 2015 and he hadn’t even signed in Liverpool, my teammates said they’d like to play under him. I’ve always wondered why that is and what it would be like. When he came to Liverpool I just thought, ‘Wow! Maybe one day I can meet him. ‘ When I first saw him, I realized that everything that was said about him was true. The smile, the passion, everything he brings with him. Most important to me, however, is the way he treats people. I think that’s what people love about him. “

… the first game against Robert Lewandowski: “He’s one of the best strikers in the world. I’ve always watched him and loved what he does. After our home game, my team-mates Tymoteusz Puchacz and Pawel Wszolek had a chat with Lewandowski, so I got there straight away and got him off his shirt He was very nice and said that a lot of people would have asked for it, but Tymo promised to get the jersey for me – and he did. Today it has a special place with me. Up with him To be on the top scorer list is just a dream. “