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“Why would anyone say no to the Bundesliga?”



"Why would anyone say no to the Bundesliga?"

Sadio Mané can certainly imagine a transfer from Tottenham striker Harry Kane to Bayern. In general, the Bundesliga comes off badly in public opinion for the Senegalese.

“Why would anyone say no to the Bundesliga? That would surprise me,” Mané told the sports picture, asked about the chances of a transfer from Kane to the German upper house. “The league here is very tight, balanced. Look at how tight it is at the top and the atmosphere in the stadiums,” continued the Senegalese.

In any case, Mané cannot really understand the reputation of the Bundesliga as a training league. “I see it completely differently, I also get different feedback from former colleagues in England. Germany and the Bundesliga are often made too small for me in public,” said the 30-year-old.

Even when he was at Liverpool, he “followed the Bundesliga, so I wasn’t surprised – my opinion was confirmed. I’m sure we’ll soon see even more Premier League stars in the Bundesliga.”

Mané also does not see the weaker physique of the Bundesliga compared to the Premier League, which has been outlined by many experts and fans. “On the field I noticed: ‘Wow, the guys here are really strong!’ The league is at least as physical as the Premier League. In addition, many teams play higher pressing. I really enjoy it here, I’m happy with my choice, happy that I ended up in Munich,” explains the striker.

Mané switched to FC Bayern in the summer after six years at Liverpool FC. There he started the season promisingly, but then injured his fibula before the World Cup in Qatar. Only last weekend he celebrated his comeback in the 3-0 win against Union Berlin.