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“English like this German efficiency”



Arsenal FC - Consistent decisions and a stroke of luck: How Per Mertesacker turned the Gunners Academy inside out

In view of the large number of German team managers in the English Premier League, Per Mertesacker does not believe in a coincidence. “They have a clarity and structure,” said the 2014 world champion in SZ-Interview: “I think the English like this German efficiency.” Ralf Rangnick (Manchester United), Jürgen Klopp (Liverpool FC) and Thomas Tuchel (Chelsea FC) are currently under contract in England.

“When I came to Arsenal as a legionnaire (2011, d. Red.), A maximum of three or four German players kicked abroad. Now it feels like half of the DFB squad is playing outside of Germany,” said Mertesacker, who has been at the football academy for three years The Gunners is in charge: “The English ask themselves, of course, who trained all these professionals.”

Rangnick often had his “finger in the game” during training, “which is why Manchester United took the step to sign him. And he benefits from his compatriots because Klopp and Tuchel have built a lot of trust through their work,” said Mertesacker.

These coaches “got the chance early on”, said Mertesacker. This is not the case in England. “As a result, they have a lot of experience at a relatively young age, including in the Champions League,” emphasized the 104-time national player.