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Gary Lineker back on the air at BBC



Gary Lineker back on the air at BBC

England football icon Gary Lineker is back on Saturday after settling the dispute with the British TV channel BBC went back on the air.

“It’s great to be here,” said the former international as he welcomed viewers to the live broadcast of the FA Cup quarter-finals between champions Manchester City and second division leaders Burnley FC.

Because of his involvement in the cup game, Lineker has not yet been able to take his place again on the traditional and wide-ranging football show “Match of the Day” with highlights of the Premier League match day, despite his suspension last week.

In Manchester, the 62-year-old, who is the highest-paid moderator of the BBC applies, does not respond again to the sensational dispute with his employer about his statements on the British government’s asylum policy.

Instead, Lineker’s co-expert Alan Shearer indirectly took up the topic again with forgiving words. “It hurts all of us for the viewers that we weren’t there last weekend. It was a really difficult situation for everyone involved and through no fault of their own, some really good people on TV and radio found themselves in an impossible situation, which wasn’t fair .It’s all the better to get back to some kind of normality and talk about football again,” said the former world-class striker.

In a tweet a week ago, Lineker compared the language used by the government in its asylum plans with “Germany in the 1930s”. Interior Secretary Suella Braverman’s policy was “more than terrible”. The controversy following the ousting of the former World Cup top scorer caused waves in the UK. Politics, society and sport were all involved, adding to the nationwide uproar over the TV future of the hugely popular veteran star.