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Liverpool FC – Jürgen Klopp on national coaching job: “Would be a great honor”



Jürgen Klopp from Liverpool FC has openly commented on a possible engagement as national coach, but also revealed a major hurdle.

Jürgen Klopp has repeatedly been traded as a possible national coach over the years. Now the Liverpool coach himself spoke about this possibility.

“The national coaching job is and would be a great honor – there’s no question about that,” said Klopp on Thursday at a panel discussion of the Fischer Group in Baden-Württemberg. But Klopp also made it clear: “The problem that stands in the way of the whole thing is my loyalty. I can’t just leave Liverpool now and say I’ll take over Germany for a short time. That doesn’t work and the request isn’t even there.”

Klopp continued: “If I’m going to do that at some point, then I have to be available and I’m not at the moment. I have a responsibility towards the club.”

In general, however, Klopp has not yet given any specific thought to his future: “Basically, it’s an interesting job. But I don’t yet know whether I won’t do something completely different after I leave Liverpool. I want to leave my options open.”

Jürgen Klopp has a contract with Liverpool until 2026. And even though he surprisingly missed out on the Champions League with the Reds last season, he’s apparently firmly in the saddle. He won the Champions League with Liverpool in 2019 and the English championship for the first time since the Premier League was founded in 2020. Meanwhile, national coach Hansi Flick is under contract with the DFB until after the 2024 home European Championship. And despite recent poor performance, the DFB wants to hold on to him.