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Premier League: Next crisis meeting due to the game calendar



Premier League: Next crisis meeting due to the game calendar

The coaches and professionals in the English Premier League are holding another crisis meeting on Thursday (5:00 p.m. CET). The reason for the gathering is the high load from the tight calendar, which will increase due to several corona-related postponements.

Nine of the last 20 Premier League games had to be postponed due to positive cases at the clubs. On Monday, the league decided to keep the dates over the holidays with the traditional Boxing Day (December 26th).

Team manager Jürgen Klopp from Liverpool FC advertised again on Wednesday evening to thin out the calendar. “I absolutely believe that one game would be enough, but what I say is not important,” he said sarcastically about the semi-finals in the league cup against Arsenal, which will be played in the first two weeks of January in the two legs target.

“I haven’t just started worrying about the well-being of the players this year,” said Klopp. “I’ve been talking about it for six years or more. If what I say would help more, I would say it more often. But it changes nothing. The only thing I get with it are headlines. But they never get to the right place. “

Liverpool had reached the semifinals with a 5-4 iE against Leicester City. Chelsea FC with coach Thomas Tuchel prevailed at Brentford FC (2-0) and met Tottenham Hotspur in the semi-finals. The final will take place on February 27th.