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That’s why Liverpool FC won’t play Leeds United today



Boxing Day is an annual tradition in the Premier League: English fans can look forward to the best matches of the year on Christmas Day.

It’s finally that time again: The prestigious Boxing Day delivers the best Premier League entertainment just in time for the festival. It should have been a total of nine games, three have already been canceled – but why? SPOX clears up.

Only recently, Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp gave free rein to his displeasure with the game plan in view of the corona situation in the country. Now he and his Reds get the break for the festival: a total of three out of nine planned games have to be postponed. The reason for this: a large number of corona cases in the teams.

Premier League: That’s why Liverpool FC won’t play against Leeds United today

The Premier League wants to accommodate three full match days between December 26th and January 3rd. As if that weren’t utopian enough in Corona-free times, the association is pushing through the project against all criticism in view of the high number of cases in Great Britain – with full stadiums included.

One of the critics was none other than Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp: “I don’t think it’s right in normal times. To insist on playing games within two days in the current situation feels wrong.” As soon as he had said that, the league received the receipt: On Thursday (December 23rd), Leeds United and Watford reported that they no longer had enough players on their team due to several corona cases.

Then on Christmas Eve the next bad news: Everton is also struggling with corona cases within the team. A few hours later, the league association granted a request to reschedule the game.

Premier League: The games on thinned Boxing Day

kicking off home Away
4 p.m. Manchester city Leicester City
4 p.m. Tottenham Hotspur Crystal Palace
4 p.m. Norwich City arsenal
4 p.m. West Ham United Southampton FC
6.30 p.m. Aston Villa Chelsea FC
9 p.m. Brighton & Hove Albion Brentford FC

Premier League: when will the games be rescheduled?

So far, the league has not given any information about a catch-up date. As soon as the new data is published, you will be informed about it here first.

Premier League: These games have been postponed due to Corona

  • Liverpool FC vs. Leeds United
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Watford FC
  • Burnley FC vs. Everton FC

Premier League: The table before the 19th matchday (Boxing Day)

rank team Sp. S. U N Gates Diff. Point
1 Manchester city 18th 14th 2 2 44: 9 35 44
2 Liverpool FC 18th 12th 5 1 50:15 35 41
3 Chelsea FC 18th 11th 5 2 39:12 27 38
4th Arsenal FC 18th 10 2 6th 27:23 4th 32
5 West Ham United 17th 8th 4th 5 28:21 7th 28
6th Manchester united 16 8th 3 5 26:24 2 27
7th Tottenham Hotspur 15th 8th 2 5 18:19 -1 26th
8th Wolverhampton Wanderers 18th 7th 4th 7th 13:14 -1 25th
9 Leicester City 16 6th 4th 6th 27:27 0 22nd
10 Aston Villa 17th 7th 1 9 23:25 -2 22nd
11th Crystal Palace 17th 4th 8th 5 24:24 0 20th
12th Brentford FC 16 5 5 6th 21:22 -1 20th
13th Brighton & Hove Albion 16 4th 8th 4th 14:17 -3 20th
14th Everton FC 17th 5 4th 8th 21:29 -8th 19th
15th Southampton FC 17th 3 8th 6th 16:26 -10 17th
16 Leeds United 18th 3 7th 8th 18:36 -18 16
17th Watford FC 16 4th 1 11th 21:31 -10 13th
18th Burnley FC 15th 1 8th 6th 14:21 -7 11th
19th Newcastle United 18th 1 7th 10 18:41 -23 10
20th Norwich City 17th 2 4th 11th 8:34 -26 10