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Opoku speaks up after the racism incident: “Shocked me”



Opoku speaks up after the racism incident: "Shocked me"

Aaron Opoku (22) from third division VfL Osnabrück spoke up for the first time after the racism scandal and emphasized the solidarity of all those involved.

“I would like to thank the team of referees, MSV Duisburg, the spectators and, above all, my club, VfL Osnabrück, for how they reacted and acted,” wrote Opoku on Instagram on Tuesday.

VfL’s game at MSV Duisburg was canceled after the racist derailment of a fan opposite Opoku on Sunday.

“The incident shocked me. It was an important sign for anyone who has been discriminated against not to continue the game,” wrote Opoku. After the incident, a wave of solidarity had reached the attacker. “I thank you for every single message I have received,” he continued.

The Duisburg police had filed a complaint against a 55-year-old for insult on Sunday. According to witnesses he should “You monkey can’t shoot corners anyway!” have called.