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Terrence Boyd tells crazy stories about Martin Hinteregger



Terrence Boyd tells crazy stories about Martin Hinteregger

In an interview with a Twitch streamer, Terrence Boyd from 1. FC Kaiserslautern told crazy stories from the life of Martin Hinteregger. He once refused a change for very strange reasons.

Attacker Boyd revealed in the podcast by Moritz “GOATkrug”that he let all of the Austrian’s former teammates tell him stories about him: “For me, my absolute GOAT!”

Hinteregger, who ended his professional career at Eintracht Frankfurt last summer and is now playing as an amateur for his hometown club SGA Sirnitz at the age of 30, once rejected a move from Red Bull Salzburg to AC Florenz: The jump from RB- He wasn’t attracted to a young professional in Serie A “because you can’t hunt there,” said Boyd.

Hinteregger dedicated his free time to this hobby – even between training sessions: “They train twice a day, you have a two-hour break in between and then you go home or have coffee. Hinti comes with bloodstained ones Jagdklamotten back to the second session,” revealed Boyd.

He also remembered an international match between the USA and Austria in Vienna. “We were in the club with all the Americans,” said Boyd, who had played for Rapid himself at the time. “All of a sudden Martin Hinteregger marches in – alone, no friends. I don’t think he wanted to be with anyone either… He goes to the bar, gets a bucket, pops half a bucket [Wodka-Flasche] away and just go back. He didn’t talk to anyone.”