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“After two days everyone has forgotten such topics”



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Martin Hinteregger from Eintracht Frankfurt does not believe that anything will change in the football industry after his depression is made public. “Oh, that doesn’t get any better. After two days everyone has forgotten such topics,” said Hinteregger Sports picture.

Above all, the Austrian wants to help young people and players who feel the same way. “I think there are many in this group. For me it is important that people see that we as football professionals also have bad phases,” said Hinteregger.

The 28-year-old suffered from depression after moving from FC Augsburg to Frankfurt, as he reports in his book “Inner View”. After “many stories” he was under great pressure from the media. “Nobody knew that I had depression,” said Hinteregger and revealed: “The discussions with the psychologist were very important, otherwise it would have ended badly.”

“At that time I was in a vicious circle. You feel so bad, you don’t want to go any further. You make it into training, but that feels bad too,” said the Austrian international, describing his condition at the time.

Martin HInteregger: “You also think of the Enke case”

Hinteregger continued: “You also think of Robert Enke’s case, that’s logical – even if it hadn’t gotten that far for me, it was already very dark. I was totally at the limit and have already thought: Shit, I can’t go on, I’m done, it’s over. “

The fact that Hinteregger got the corner and didn’t fall into the abyss was ultimately to blame his doctor. “Luckily I confided in our doctor and said: ‘Hey, it doesn’t work anymore. Give me pills or something.’ I didn’t sleep two or three hours a day for months. Still, I managed to show my performance. Playing here in the stadium was the only thing that saved me. Then I confided in a psychologist. “

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