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BVB trainer Rose: Forbearance when it comes to vaccinations



BVB trainer Rose: Forbearance when it comes to vaccinations

Coach Marco Rose from the Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund advertises indulgence with the players when it comes to corona vaccination. “It’s a very personal decision that will never result in me judging a player or even putting him under pressure or taking him out,” said Rose on Monday during the press conference before the Supercup.

“If players don’t get vaccinated, we have to find solutions that don’t put a team at a disadvantage just because some players on the team are not vaccinated,” said Rose. You have to “find solutions” in order to have “in the end fair competition in terms of sport”.

“Vaccinated – good, not vaccinated – doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. We have to somehow merge that and gradually live with the virus,” demanded Rose.

There had been a corona outbreak at FSV Mainz 05, in addition to three players who tested positive, eight non-vaccinated players also had to be quarantined. With a rump team, the Mainz team defeated the favorites RB Leipzig (1-0) at the Bundesliga opener on Sunday.

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