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Club reacts with the help of Twitter users



Club reacts with the help of Twitter users

At Borussia Dortmund’s Bundesliga opener against Eintracht Frankfurt (5: 2), a little girl was given Giovanni Reyna’s jersey. Before the girl can accept her gift, however, it is taken away from her. Another fan reacts and draws BVB’s attention to it.

Apparently, Reyna noticed the girl after the game through a poster with a US flag and wanted to give her his worn jersey. But another supporter snatched the jersey from under her nose. “Gio saw her and clearly pointed his finger at her and threw her the jersey, but it was stolen from her by a man on her right,” a user on Twitter describes the scene.

He was shocked by the action and got the girl’s contact details directly. He promised her that he would look into the matter. The next day, the user posted several tweets in which he explained the incident and referred to a similar incident at arch rivals Schalke 04, of all places.

There the club arranged a meeting between a seven-year-old fan and Marius Bülter after the promised Bülter jersey was taken away from the little boy after the cup game against Villingen.

“My goal is to achieve the same for the affected girl and I hope that you will support me with a retweet so that @BVB will be aware of it and make something unforgettable for this girl,” he wrote and asked the community to share the post .

This turned out to be a success, because on the same evening BVB became aware of the tweets and offered help. With the girl’s contact details the club sent a jersey signed by Reyna. “Thanks again for the hint. We’ll send the jersey off today,” wrote BVB.

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