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FC Bayern Munich – Julian Nagelsmann: “If I don’t win anything here, it’s up to me”



FC Bayern Munich - Julian Nagelsmann: "If I don't win anything here, it's up to me"

Head coach Julian Nagelsmann knows that he is only measured by successes and titles at Bayern Munich. “If I don’t win anything here, it’s up to me,” was the tough analysis of the 34-year-old in the FC Bayern member magazine “51”.

Nagelsmann continues: “I play every game to win, no matter which one. Because I hate it when you play something with the indifference of whether you win or lose.”

Incidentally, this also applies to “Don’t get angry” with his family. Nagelsmann: “Maybe I can accept that I lose one day. But when I start losing, I’m no longer a winner.”

The coach, who signed a five-year contract with the German class leader, also gave an insight into his emotional world after moving from RB Leipzig to the Isar. “Everyone knows that as a player I dreamed of playing for this club. It didn’t quite work out, but it is very close to my lifelong dream,” he said.

It is a nice feeling to be in Munich now. “But it only gets cozy and warm when I win the title. Only then have I really arrived at Bayern. Until then, it is an incomplete feeling,” emphasized the football teacher, who has not yet won four season preparation games could celebrate with the German flagship club. On Friday, Nagelsmann competes with Bayern in the first main round of the DFB Cup at Bremer SV’s first competitive game.

Julian Nagelsmann: “Victories are the player’s moment”

The football teacher has made a special way of dealing with victory and defeat his own. “Share victories – but never share defeats,” he quotes a sentence that he heard years ago and always took to heart. If something goes wrong, nobody wants to have anything to do with it: “Then as a coach you really have to draw the light on yourself to show that you have everything under control and know what to do.”

In the case of success, however, a different behavior as a coach is indicated, so you have to withdraw, “because every player deserves part of the light. I take a step back and let the boys in front”. Wins, according to Nagelsmann, are “first of all the players’ moment. They have achieved success on the pitch”.

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