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FC Bayern – Oliver Kahn makes Leroy Sane responsible after a whistle: “He has to want it”



FC Bayern - Oliver Kahn makes Leroy Sane responsible after a whistle: "He has to want it"

Oliver Kahn, CEO of FC Bayern, made Leroy Sane responsible for giving an appropriate answer after the whistles against him. As a former player, he could put himself in the shoes of the offensive player, whose replacement against Cologne was recently accompanied by malicious applause from the fans.

“We, who were and are professionals, have all experienced that. It’s nothing nice. It happened to me when I moved to Munich in my early years,” Kahn explained kicker. Sane is now required to “put it away and process it. The club will support the player as best as possible” so that Leroy wants to perform at Bayern, “but:” It always takes two – he has to want it. “

After Sane had already been praised by coach Julian Nagelsmann for his performance in the cup game against Bremer SV and numerous teammates jumped to his side, there was now support from the fan scene. “Whistling out Leroy is not okay,” said Mathias Scheurl, the chairman of the “Da rode Stean” fan club kicker.

“Nobody talks about Thomas Müller’s mistakes. For me it’s about supporting my own team, otherwise the fans can stay at home.” Leroy will manage to become “just as much of a difference player” and “bring us many more titles as Arjen Robben once did”.

Sane? “He needs love and trust”

Jan Kirchhoff, who already played with Sane at Schalke and also played for FC Bayern, added that he “quickly realized that Leroy is a special footballer with special qualities”. In Munich the expectations are different compared to other clubs. You are judged harshly. That’s the way it is in a club where only the best play. But Leroy knows that – and it’s up to him now. He meets all the criteria, to get it done in Munich. That’s why it’s only a matter of time for me before it takes off completely. “

Andre Breitenreiter trained Sane in the 2015/16 season before moving to Manchester City. He writes in his kicker-Column: “He has athletic weapons with his speed and his final strength, which help every team to decide and win games. His development and sporting value rose rapidly at that time, he had to learn to deal with this hype, which he understandably at first was not easy. “

Sane has shown himself to be “always very willing to learn and inquisitive”, “so that even after this short time of distraction he has understood how to concentrate on training again”. Leroy is “a decent and hard-working boy who will be done very injustice if he is accused of a lack of attitude and motivation because of his casual-looking demeanor. He needs love and trust – and will repay this with performance.”

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