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For Mark van Bommel, air is getting thinner after a mistake



For Mark van Bommel, air is getting thinner after a mistake

An embarrassing breakdown should cost VfL Wolfsburg entry into the second round of the DFB Cup. The Lower Saxony are even repeat offenders – and took personal consequences at the time

On the morning after his change faux pas, Mark van Bommel preferred to make himself scarce. Co-trainer Michael Frontzeck led the reserve training session on Monday, the head coach of VfL Wolfsburg initially withdrew from all inquiries. But the Lower Saxony have to adjust to the fact that the 3-1 win after extra time in the first cup round at Preußen Münster should not last.

Because the Dutchman obviously did not know the current implementation regulations and replaced Maximilian Philipp with Admir Mehmedi in the 103rd minute. The sixth personnel change, but in the DFB-Pokal, as in the previous season, only five changes are permitted.

Van Bommel asked the fourth official

“I spoke to the referee about it,” quoted the picture-Zeitung van Bommel, meant the fourth official. The former Bayern star indirectly admitted his own ignorance of the current regulatory situation. The fact is that referee Christian Dingert noted the change in his game report.

The ball was initially in the field of Prussia Münster. Because only after a protest by the directly affected Münsterländer would the German Football Association (DFB) initiate an investigation. The regional league team reported that they would discuss the situation in detail within the club and that a quick decision was not to be expected. A Prussian spokesman announced that it still needed a certain amount of time SID-Inquiry. The objection period is two working days (Monday and Tuesday).

Should there be a hearing before the DFB sports court at the end and the amateurs be awarded the victory, it would by no means be a novelty in German football history. Hennes Weisweiler, Christoph Daum, Giovanni Trapattoni, Otto Rehhagel – they all simply miscalculated or did not know about the current regulations for substitutions.

Van Bommel starts with five friendly defeats

And even with the Wolfsburgers there was already at least a similar case. In 2004 Eric Gerets unsuspectingly nominated Marian Christow, who was signed by 1. FC Kaiserslautern, for the starting lineup at the start of the cup.

What nobody had said to the Belgian: Because of a red card in the jersey of the Palatinate, the Bulgarian was not even eligible to play, the 3-0 win against the amateurs of 1. FC Köln was worthless for the wolves.

At that time, managing director Peter Pander had to face the consequences, he lost his job at VfL. Will van Bommel face a similar fate? One thing is clear: The starting position for the Champions League participant has not become any easier for him.

0: 3 against Rostock, 0: 1 against Kiel, 1: 4 against Lyon, 1: 2 against Monaco, 1: 2 against Atletico: Five test game defeats in a row have not only worried the fans, but certainly also a frown or two Triggered financiers Volkswagen. At the Bundesliga start on Saturday (3:30 p.m.) against newcomer VfL Bochum, the 44-year-old has to deliver. And count precisely when changing.

Daum knows that van Bommel will have to bear the consequences for the change faux pas. “The coach is always the culprit. The headline for me at the time was: Christoph DUMM. Back then I took responsibility for the mistake and I’m sure Mark van Bommel will do the same,” the 67-year-old told the Express.

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