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Fürth manager Rachid Azzouzi delivers live discussion with Sky commentator



Fürth manager Rachid Azzouzi delivers live discussion with Sky commentator

When Greuther Fürth lost 3-0 at BVB, Fürth’s managing director Sport Rachid Azzouzi had a discussion live on TV Sky– Commentator Oliver Seidler delivered. The reason was the controversial penalty scene that led to BVB leadership.

“We can discuss a lot about whether the rules are right or wrong. But after what we learned from the referees before the season, that’s punishable,” said Seidler, before being interrupted by Azzouzi: “What are the rules ? “he asked.

Seidler and Azzouzi then engaged in an intensive discussion. “An indicator of intent is the widening of the body surface and the arm position away from the body,” said Seidler, while Azzouzi continued to complain in the background about the decision by referee Daniel Schlager.

Fürth’s Maximilian Bauer blocked a shot from Erling Haaland with his arm in the 33rd minute, and Schlager initially let go. After a hint from the video assistant, he gave the penalty and Haaland met the BVB leadership.

Fürth trouble after BVB-Elfer and Bellingham: “Brutal”

“I can understand that you are extremely unhappy with this penalty. In terms of football, I would say: no penalty! According to the rules, it is one!”, Explained Seidler. At halftime, Azzouzi was rueful and declared that the penalty could be “given”. “I don’t think he did it on purpose, but you have to say the ball would have gone to the far corner – maybe in.”

There was also great anger at the game association afterwards, as the already cautioned Jew Bellingham was not sent off for an offense worthy of yellow shortly before the break. Azzouzi insinuated that the referee gave BVB an advantage: “I think so, even if I am stoned by the referees, that it is subconsciously that way if you allow yourself to make a mistake against Dortmund, then there is theater. If you against Fürth if a mistake happens, no one will talk about it in three hours. ” Coach Stefan Leitl spoke of a “catastrophic decision” that “brutally annoys him”.