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Hainer hopes for a Lewandowski pension in Munich



Hainer hopes for a Lewandowski pension in Munich

Robert Lewandowski should stay with Bayern Munich until he retires. At least that’s what President Herbert Hainer hopes.

“We are so happy that we have him because he is an absolute goal guarantee, the world’s best striker. I would be happy if he would end his career with us,” he said Picture on sunday.

Lewandowski (33) knows “that I and everyone in charge appreciate him very much, I’ve told him that often enough,” he added. The 67-year-old’s plea has a special note: Speculations had recently become louder again that Bayern could try to get Borussia Dortmund’s storm jewel Erling Haaland. The bosses recently avoided a clear rejection of a transfer from the Norwegian.

Hainer also preferred to talk about Lewandowski and his goal records. “That makes him proud and you can tell that he wanted that. I often talked to him about it,” he said.

After the “eternal” season record of “Bomber” Gerd Müller (40 goals in 1971/72), the Pole now also beat his record in the calendar year (42/1972) by one goal. “On the one hand, he appreciates Gerd very much, he was an icon. On the other hand, he is also an athlete and really wants to achieve that. He made it and you have to say: Chapeau!”, Said Hainer.