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Large database: Bavarian police collect fan data



Large database: Bavarian police collect fan data

The Bavarian police apparently maintain a comprehensive database with the personal details of football fans. That comes from a report by kicker emerged.

The Bavarian State Criminal Police Office saves the data of stadium visitors in the program “EASy Violence and Sport”. This was the result of a request from the Green Parliamentarians Katharina Schulze and Max Deisenhofer.

As of June 15, 1644 people have apparently been registered. A large part are the fans of 1. FC Nürnberg, FC Bayern and TSV 1860 Munich.

In the nationwide “file for violent offenders sport”, however, there are significantly fewer. Only 500 people residing in Bavaria are registered in this.

“The decision to save a person […] does not take place on the basis of a single relevant fact, but on the basis of a so-called individual prognosis “, it said at the request of the kicker. If there is only a slight suspicion of an administrative offense, one can end up in the database.

That causes criticism. “Attending soccer games is safe in Bavaria, the number of crimes and administrative offenses has been falling continuously for years. Against this background, it is absolutely incomprehensible that the Bavarian police have quietly and secretly created another database for storing soccer fans – in the three times as many people are saved, “says Deisenhofer, sports policy spokesman for the Green parliamentary group.

The State Ministry, on the other hand, defends the database. “The ‘EASy GS’ file is used to obtain personal information about relationships and connections between the members of scenes prone to violence in connection with sporting events.”

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