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Marco Rose speaks on PK about the Hamann dispute and Haaland rumors



Marco Rose speaks on PK about the Hamann dispute and Haaland rumors

BVB coach Marco Rose spoke about his dispute at the press conference before the end of the year at Hertha BSC Sky-Expert Dietmar Hamann spoke and also commented on the permanent rumors about Erling Haaland.

“I’m not a resentful person. I just gave my opinion and described my perception,” said Rose about his dispute with Hamann after the game against Fürth on Wednesday. “I don’t think I’m so wrong about that either. Didi Hamann is and will remain an expert. I value him as a great footballer, he certainly knows football too, and yet as a coach I am allowed to express my opinion on certain things. That’s done for me. “

Nevertheless, the BVB coach announced that he would continue to follow Hamann’s execution in the future: “I will continue to listen. Maybe he will take a look when we are on the right track. Now is Christmas first, maybe we can meet in the new year, I’m always open to it. “

Rose also spoke about the influence on the team due to the numerous rumors about the departure of Erling Haaland: “With everything that is raining down on Erling, what is speculated – how he deals with it as a young player is extraordinary. We know what a fact We meet every day, talk to each other, are in exchange. If someone thinks that they have to force things from outside, we are cold. We are prepared for it, so it does not affect us. We take it as it is. “

Before the final game of the year in the capital, Borussia is worried about the use of Mats Hummels and Gregor Kobel. The defense chief and the goalkeeper have a cold. “We have to see how it plays out,” said Rose. There is also a question mark behind the work of Raphael Guerreiro and Marius Wolf.

BVB transfers in winter? Rose doesn’t believe in it

Regardless of the personnel worries, Rose demands a victory in the table runner-up. “We played a decent first half of the season. We can turn it into a very decent one with a sense of achievement,” said the BVB coach. But that requires a significant increase in performance compared to the game against Fürth: “We have to do it differently. Otherwise it will be difficult. We have to make it clearer, do better, make it cleaner.”

In view of the effects of the corona pandemic, Rose does not expect reinforcements for the second half of the season. “We can only play in front of 15,000 spectators. That tears another hole in the coffers. Our plans are accordingly tight. Not much will be possible. We have to look to the well-being of the club and fill a few holes,” said Rose.