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Oliver Kahn is committed to Salary Cap



Oiver Kahn has big goals with FC Bayern.

Bayern boss Oliver Kahn (52) sees no alternative to an upper salary limit in professional football in the long term. Investor money is in principle not bad as long as it is put into youth football or the infrastructure.

“It only becomes problematic if these investments from external donors immediately flow one-to-one into salaries and these are inflated further and further. Therefore, sensible regulation is important to us. There must be a salary cap,” said the CEO of Rekordmeister Bayern Munich in an interview with the World on sunday.

In the European Club Association ECA there are efforts to introduce restrictions. Kahn: “Several models are being discussed, some approaches could be adopted from the system in US professional sport. For example, there could be a fixed sum as a salary limit for the entire squad of a club, a so-called hard cap.”

Another alternative would be the model whereby expenses are linked to the club’s income or sales. “So only a certain percentage of income or sales may be spent on salaries, which would be a so-called soft cap,” said the former world-class keeper.

In order to be able to implement this, it is an advantage “if those clubs that have distanced themselves from the Super League’s plans are reintegrated”. Because with a clear attitude from all “we can implement our goals better”.

Kahn: Bayern remains stubborn with Lewandowski

The German flagship club suffered badly economically as a result of the corona pandemic. “The pandemic-related sales losses of up to 150 million euros are draining the substance,” emphasized the ex-national goalkeeper, vice world champion in 2002 and third place in the 2006 World Cup, “the situation today is completely different in terms of financial resources than what I found when I started as a director in January 2020. “

However, Kahn also sees growth potential at FC Bayern, for example in digitization. “We have fans all over the world who we want to reach and integrate even better. In all of our endeavors, it is important that the focus is on football. I don’t see diversification into completely unfamiliar areas,” said Kahn. He also looks “positively into the future” with a view to international competition.

Kahn also showed a clear edge when asked about an offer for world footballer Robert Lewandowski and a certain “stubbornness” at Bayern not wanting to give up the Pole: “With Robert we would definitely afford to be stubborn.”

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