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Poulsen on the continuation of the Eriksen drama: “It was a mistake, period”



Poulsen on the continuation of the Eriksen drama: "It was a mistake, period"

Despite the collapse of team-mate Christian Eriksen, the Danish national team played their opening duel at the European Football Championship against Finland (0: 1) to the end – and that is now considered a mistake internally.

“We talked a lot about it in the team, and I think: There is not one of us who wouldn’t be annoyed that we continued to play,” said attacker Yussuf Poulsen in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung: “It was a mistake, period. Today we would decide differently. “

he professional from RB Leipzig felt like his teammates taken by surprise. “We were under stress and in shock,” he revealed: “There was only left or right, a or b in our head. And we decided on the better of two bad options.”

The incident did not fundamentally change him, which was also part of his life story, explained Poulsen: “My father died when I was a child. I had the thoughts that arise in such situations years ago.” He had to learn early on that “death is a part of life.” Fortunately, Eriksen “did not die”.

Eriksen’s goal of playing football professionally again with the help of an implanted defibrillator is fully supported by Poulsen. “He loves football. It’s his life. He’s still up for it,” said the 27-year-old: “It would be nice if he could play football again – wherever.”

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