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Rudi Völler on job as DFB President: “Other personalities are better suited”



Rudi Völler on job as DFB President: "Other personalities are better suited"

Sports director Rudi Völler from Bayer Leverkusen has again rejected any ambitions to become president of the DFB. “Other personalities are better suited for this position,” said the 61-year-old Sports picture. Immediately after Fritz Keller’s resignation, Völler had already emphasized that the office of President was “definitely not for him”.

The former team manager of the national team also sees the power vacuum at the top of the DFB as the reason that Germany was only represented by one rump group at the Olympics. “With a strong president who is looking for solutions with the clubs at a high level, you would probably have looked better in this situation. Coach Stefan Kuntz was left pretty much alone,” said Völler.

Numerous clubs had refused to leave their professionals for the Olympics, so Kuntz was only able to take 18 instead of the 22 allowed players.

“My biggest concern for German football was not that we would be eliminated early at the Olympics, but that the third goalkeeper would come on as a field player. It would have been unbeatable in terms of embarrassment if Stefan Kuntz had to do that,” said Völler.

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