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Saturday conference on the 2nd matchday NOW in the live ticker



Julian Nagelsmann wants to slow down Joshua Kimmich

The 2nd Bundesliga matchday will continue at 3:30 p.m. with five games. In our conference live ticker you are always up to date with all games.

Bundesliga: The Saturday games at a glance

Kickoff home Intermediate result Away
3.30 p.m. Eintracht Frankfurt 0-0 FC Augsburg
3.30 p.m. Sc freiburg 1-0 Borussia Dortmund
3.30 p.m. Hertha BSC 0-0 VfL Wolfsburg
3.30 p.m. VfL Bochum 2-0 1. FSV Mainz 05
3.30 p.m. SpVgg Greuther Fürth 0-0 Arminia Bielefeld
6.30 p.m. Bayer Leverkusen LIVETICKER Mönchengladbach

Bundesliga: Saturday conference on the 2nd matchday NOW in the live ticker

It is especially worthwhile so early in the season because there is still life in the table. At the moment the Wolves are at the top, level on points with Freiburg. Both teams have four points.

Played a good 20 minutes. And there have only been two hits. However, they had it all. The fantastic free kick from Grifo. And with Holtmanns Tor, I am sure that you will see it in all league reviews. Worldwide.

19 .: Frankfurt – Augsburg: With a delay, Borre sees his very first yellow card in German professional football. The Colombian is punished retrospectively after having his foot far too high against Dorsch, but the game initially continued because of an interpretation of the advantage.

19 .: Freiburg – Dortmund: The first yellow card of the game goes to Malen. In a dribble against Lienhart, the Dutchman has his arm in the face of the Freiburg man.

20th: Bochum – Mainz: Goal! BOCHUM – Mainz 1-0. VfL has finally made it into the league and of course benefits from still playing eleven. You have to see it to believe it. Holtmann with a solo in which he dances EIGHT Mainzer, eight! And that doesn’t include the goalkeeper. He started in the left half field and ended at the left post.

17th: Frankfurt – Augsburg: For the injured Niederlechner, in whom we inevitably suspect a concussion, Jensen is now coming.

13 .: Frankfurt – Augsburg: In the header duel, Niederlechner and Hinteregger rattle their heads together and stay where they are. The game is quickly interrupted and the supervisors rush over. It takes a while before the situation can be resolved. And it has consequences.

15th: Hertha BSC – Wolfsburg: The really big football is not yet what the capital club and the exchange kings show here today. But slowly the guests are already developing a slight visual overweight.

13 .: Bochum – Mainz: There was more in it, and then it would have been there. A free kick for Bochum from the third row sails half right as a cross into the box, where Bella Kotchap can climb up to the header without being forced – but the marble does not hit the forehead fully and maneuvers clearly past the box. With a little more calm – or Bundesliga experience – that would have been the first big chance.

11 .: Freiburg – Dortmund: Also the fourth shot on goal by the guests, the SC was successful with every ITS. Bellingham takes heart and dribbles through the center to the penalty spot. There he stands completely free in front of Flekken, but does not get the ball past the Freiburg keeper. He has to do it

14 .: Fürth – Bielefeld: Again a shamrock sees the yellow card. In the duel between the tanker trucks, Nielsen lacks the horsepower, and with his long leg he brings down toilets. The Bielefeld striker must be treated. Were there any statements about the attitude in the maneuver review after the first game in Stuttgart? You could almost believe it.

9 .: Frankfurt – Augsburg: With the open sole first, Framberger caught Kostic’s right ankle, causing him pain. Referee Osmers looks at the suffering Frankfurter and then pulls out the yellow card.

8 .: Hertha BSC – Wolfsburg: Lacroix heads a free-kick cross from Arnold from the left half-field just past. The ball even hits the outside post. But Schwolow would have been there too, which is why this initial phase is still quite calm overall.

3 .: Frankfurt – Augsburg: In the initial phase, it is surprisingly the guests who set the tone in Frankfurt. There is still no real chance of scoring, but here the territories are marked out early on.

8 .: Bochum – Mainz: Quite unusual for VfL to have eleven men on the pitch so late in the game. It’s worth it. Strong advance of the home side. After a great one-two pass on the left on the sideline, Holtmann breaks through the Mainz back line and serves sharply at the first post. Polter just missed, behind it Zentner grabbed and prevented a possible first conclusion of VfL.

5th: Freiburg – Dortmund: Goal! FREIBURG – Dortmund 1-0. And that starts early too. The SC didn’t miss many shots on goal today. Grifo takes the free kick from 25 meters in a central position. Over the wall in the left corner. Perfect.

5th: Fürth – Bielefeld: It starts early. On the other hand, in the House of Commons we were sent off so early this morning. But a tactical foul on the middle line – Seguin – has the same consequences.

1 .: kick-off: Let’s go on the hopefully wild ride.

Before start: The FCA have to try to rehabilitate, without a chance against Hoffenheim, as well as Bochum and Fürth, who were shown their limit on the 1st matchday. Both teams presented themselves as cannon fodder, even if you didn’t necessarily look at the result of the Bochum in Wolfsburg.

Before start: With outsider chances, Freiburg and Arminia are going into the race today. Both teams started the season with a draw. Neither of these two teams can make it entirely on their own. You have to hope for help in other stages.

Before start: Or maybe the wolves? With Hertha they meet a club that started the season ambitiously, but was sent back down to earth at the first stop in Cologne.

Before start: Or the FSV Mainz? The club that caused THE surprise of the first match day against RB. And in view of the performance of the promoted Bochum in Wolfsburg, the carnival club certainly does not have to worry.

Before start: Maybe BVB? After the gala, however, there was disillusionment in the League Cup during the week when Bayern prevailed 3-1.

Before start: Who will succeed? There are of course a lot of interested people. It goes without saying that the teams that won on matchday one have an advantage.

Before start: The day of questions, let it begin. Already yesterday, RB trumped VfB Stuttgart, shot the Swabians 4-0 and incidentally pushed the table leaders from the throne.

Before start: Today at 3:30 p.m. the following games will continue: Eintracht Frankfurt – FC Augsburg, SC Freiburg – Borussia Dortmund, Hertha BSC – VfL Wolfsburg, VfL Bochum – Mainz 05 and SpVgg Greuther Fürth – Arminia Bielefeld. Let’s look forward to exciting and fair games – and hopefully many goals.

Before start: The 2nd Bundesliga matchday started yesterday with the game RB Leipzig against VfB Stuttgart. Leipzig gave the previous leaders no chance and won 4-0.

Before start: Hello and welcome to the conference live ticker for the Bundesliga games on Saturday afternoon.

Bundesliga: Saturday conference on the 2nd matchday live on TV and in the livestream today

The Saturday games of the Bundesliga that start at 3:30 p.m. are only available on Pay TV Sky to see. You are attending the conference today Sky Sport Bundesliga 1.

The single games: Freiburg against Dortmund Sky Sport Bundesliga 2 and Sky Sport UHD, Hertha BSC against Wolfsburg Sky Sport Bundesliga 3, Frankfurt against Augsburg Sky Sport Bundesliga 4, Bochum against Mainz Sky Sport Bundesliga 5 and Greuther Fürth against Bielefeld Sky Sport Bundesliga 6.

You can also see all games and the conference in the live stream with the appropriate subscription. In order to be able to open the livestreams, you either need the SkyGoApp or one that can be booked at any time SkyTicket (Option for non-customers).

Bundesliga: The 2nd matchday at a glance

date kicking off home Result Away
20th of August 8.30 p.m. RB Leipzig 4-0 VfB Stuttgart
August 21 3.30 p.m. Eintracht Frankfurt -: – FC Augsburg
August 21 3.30 p.m. Sc freiburg -: – Borussia Dortmund
August 21 3.30 p.m. Hertha BSC -: – VfL Wolfsburg
August 21 3.30 p.m. VfL Bochum -: – 1. FSV Mainz 05
August 21 3.30 p.m. SpVgg Greuther Fürth -: – Arminia Bielefeld
August 21 6.30 p.m. Bayer Leverkusen -: – Mönchengladbach
August 22nd 3.30 p.m. 1899 Hoffenheim -: – Union Berlin
August 22nd 5.30 p.m. Bayern Munich -: – 1. FC Cologne

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