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SC Freiburg – Christian Streich: Train instead of flight as “a matter of course”



Coach Cristian Streich from Bundesliga club SC Freiburg wants a stronger move away from flying with a view to the environment. “We all have to look at ourselves and the clubs decide for themselves whether to fly from a to b or take the train,” said the 56-year-old Cologne Rundschau.

It is about “whether it can be absolutely natural to simply fly without thinking about how far it is actually from a to b, how much time do I really save,” said Streich: “When asked, we will fly to Cologne or do we take the train, in my opinion there can only be one answer. “

So far, the soccer teacher has had no problems conveying the topic. “It is not difficult to argue with the players because from a certain age they all have children and want to leave them a livable earth,” said Streich.

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