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Guardiola counters criticism from Jürgen Klopp: “Can go to court”



Guardiola counters criticism from Jürgen Klopp: "Can go to court"

Pep Guardiola has rejected Jürgen Klopp’s criticism of Manchester City’s transfer behavior and started a counterattack.

Guardiola said at a press conference on Saturday: “Some team owners want to benefit, our owners, on the other hand, do not want profit. While others do not invest in the team, we invest what we can.”

Then Guardiola really got going: “There used to be only one or two clubs. Now we have Chelsea with Abramovich and our club with Sheikh Mansour. They want to invest in football. And what’s the problem? We have limits due to financial fair play and if others disagree with our expenses, they can go to court. “

Guardiola then explained City’s transfer activities this summer: “We bought Jack Grealish because we sold players for £ 60mn. So the bottom line was that we only spent £ 40mn. We absolutely obey the rules. In our club we want to The owners aren’t losing any money either, of course, but they want to spend money, so we can do that. “

Pep Guardiola: United won titles with more money than the rest

Guardiola also made it clear: “When Manchester United won a lot of titles a few years ago it was because they spent more money than other clubs. Do you remember? Back then, City couldn’t do that because we hadn’t yet the team owners we have now. “

Guardiola’s words came after Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp had previously lamented the immense expenses of clubs like City and Chelsea. Klopp said on the subject: “We cannot spend money that we don’t have”, to add: “These clubs obviously have no limits.”

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