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“The flood changed my thinking”



"The flood changed my thinking"

Kai Havertz has started a fundraising campaign to support the German Red Cross. The national player wants to help those affected by the flood disaster.

As the picture reports, Havertz donates 200,000 euros. He also designed a limited-edition special shoe that will be auctioned. The 22-year-old wears one of the models when his Chelsea FC duel against Arsenal on Sunday. A total of 100 pieces were produced.

“The flood was already over a month ago. For me it is important to show the people my support,” said Havertz, who was born in Aachen, to the picture. It has special reference points with some of the hardest hit areas. Most of his family and friends still live there today. 58 people died in North Rhine-Westphalia, 4000 people had to be housed in emergency shelters due to the heavy rain.

“Even if, fortunately, nothing happened to any of my family or friends, I noticed the suffering of the people. That moved me. That is why it was important to me to help,” explained Havertz.

The midfielder quickly made the decision to start a fundraising campaign. “The pictures of the flood were just terrible to look at. The disaster was only a few weeks ago, but a lot has already disappeared from the consciousness of many people. You don’t really know how those affected are doing. That’s why it was important to me to help the people “, said Havertz and added:” There are still many without electricity, without a roof over their heads, without clothes. People have simply lost everything. “

Natural disasters lose sight of the general public too quickly, Havertz noted: “The natural disaster on my own doorstep changed my thinking. This is not a hurricane in Florida, it happened here, in the middle of Germany. I want to remind you again . I think the timing is good and important. “

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