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Top 5 highest paid players in the English Premier League



Top 5 highest paid players

The popularity of the English Premier League is spread worldwide. With teams competing tooth and nail on the field to win the league, media companies are fighting just as fiercely off the field to get viewing rights that means more money for the teams which means they can pay their players a higher salary.

We take a look at the top 5 highest paid players in the league.

5. Raphael Varane – £340 000 per week.

Raphael Varane

(Getty Images)

With Manchester United needing an experienced centre back to strengthen their defence they won’t be scared to pay whatever it takes. Getting a player in with the skills and game mentality of the Frenchman won’t be cheap and Manchester United made sure they gave Raphael Varane enough motivation to join their club.

4. Jadon Sancho – £350 000 per week

Jadon Sancho

(Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)

At the young age of 21, Jadon Sancho earns a staggering £350000 a week. The English forward who joined Manchester United in 2021 has had a tough start to his Premier League career however while his form might be down his bank account is not feeling the effects.

Previously Jadon Sancho earned £175 000 at Dortmund. He made 12 appearances scoring 1 goal. The Red Devil’s certainly hope their investment in a young promising player will pay off.

3. David De Gea – £375 000 per week

David De Gea

(Getty Images)

The highest-paid goalkeeper in the history of the Premier League and deserving of every cent. The Spaniard joined United in 2011 and has undoubtedly become one of the legendary goalkeepers to ever play stand between the sticks for United. David De Gea is a golden glove winner and league winner. He is well experienced and still young at 31 years old for a goalkeeper.

De Gea has proven himself time and time again, saving United more times than most of their forwards.

2. Kevin De Bruyne – £400 000 per week

Kevin De Bruyne

(Getty Images)

The Belgian captain earns the second highest in the Premier League. Kevin De Bruyne despite his injuries has been one of the most consistent players in Manchester City, a club where players who underperform see their exit much quicker than any other club.

De Bruyne has made 189 Premier League appearances scoring 45 times and assisting 78 times which sees him with the 10th highest assists in Premier League history. Kevin De Bruyne was named Premier League player of the season in 2020 for the 2019/2020 season. Winning the league 3 times. A valuable asset to any team.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – £510 000 per week

Cristiano Ronaldo

(Getty Images)

The five time Ballon d’Or winner is the highest paid player. After joining his old club for more than just emotions, Cristiano Ronaldo has already started to return the investment, he has made 12 league appearances with a goal return of 6 and has already won the September Player of the month award. Brought in more as an emotional buy CR7 has shown his worth.

It seems that the Manchester clubs are not shy in paying their player’s competitive salaries to make sure they remain successful as the top 5 highest paid players is between Manchester United and City. With the TV rights bringing in such high incomes it won’t be long before we’ll see the first million pound a week Premier League player.