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Ex-coach Lorant would have “washed Mölders’ head”



Ex-coach Lorant would have "washed Mölders' head"

Ex-trainer Werner Lorant sharply criticized the 36-year-old after the fuss about Sascha Mölders at TSV 1860 Munich. In addition, the 73-year-old attacked the club leadership of the third division.

Coach Michael Köllner, who deleted Mölders from the squad due to a lack of fitness, is making it too easy for himself, according to Lorant.

“The coach is responsible for the fitness of a player,” said Lorant in an interview with the sixty portal the blue 24. “He once said that you can’t change a Mölders. Wrong! If Mölders no longer wants to walk, I’ll send him to the Isar and he’ll run until he pukes. I would have washed Mölders’ head.”

Lorant, who coached the Munich Lions from 1992 to 2001, did not leave the striker a good one. “Who is Mölders anyway? In my day he was only allowed to drag the balls. We had better players in our second team. And even I run away from Mölders – but I’m a little over 70,” said Lorant. His conclusion: “Not only Mölders failed, but also the sporting management.”

According to Lorant, Mölders used the lions as his personal playground, his stage. That was disrespectful to the club that had paid him for many years. 1860 should never have come to that. That shows that you are overwhelmed by a player how to tame Mölders. “

1860 Munich: Lorant criticizes Mölders

In this context, Lorant was particularly angry that Mölders was selling T-shirts with the slogan “Die Wampe von Giesing”. “Do you think that I would have ever used a player who arrives with a paunch and also celebrates with merchandising products?” Said the ex-coach.

The removal of Mölders’ is currently an alibi, added Lorant: “You want to distract yourself from your own mistakes and are now looking for someone to blame for the sporting failure. It’s not that easy. I claim: The whole team is not really fit – but that is just my remote diagnosis. “

Mölders is currently negotiating with the tenth of the table in the 3rd division about the termination of his contract, which runs until the end of the season.